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What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food (Talk)

A talk on the book "What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food" by Felice Sta. Maria.

The talk is taken from the book \"What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food\" by the author Felice Sta. Maria, which features Mama Sita's Centennial Birth Anniversary. The book commemorates Teresita Reyes' contribution to Philippine food history as well as a few recipes or dishes that have defined her contribution to the richness of Philippine culinary heritage. By introducing different dishes and culinary traditions through their agricultural, historical, and regional roots, readers of all ages, including even the youngest of readers, can explore into the world of Filipino cuisine with well-researched articles and fun trivia organized in a concise and easily digestible read.

Lecture | Presentation


Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

National Book Development Board - Philippines
The event is free of charge


Ani Almario

Vice-President for Product Development, Adarna House