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What is the value of Crossref? Have your say

Research reveals the divergent views on Crossref value. Join to hear the results and have your say

Crossref strives for balance. As a community infrastructure for an increasingly diverse group of 14,000 publishers globally, Crossref is used to weighing varied needs. Different people want different things from us, and some of our work is polarising. So how should we balance the often conflicting viewpoints of our members? We will start by airing the points of disagreement, and by asking for help to prioritize.

We’ve done some research to understand where the divergence is among publishers and all those who rely on our services. In this session, we’ll highlight the main insights and live-poll a couple of issues to hear what you think. We hope this will stimulate discussion at our booth (H94) where we’ll be looking for views about our mission, our existing services, and new initiatives.



Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

The event is free of charge


Jennifer Kemp