Hartelijk bedankt

Flanders & the Netherlands presented themselves as a region of shared language and culture under the motto “This is what we share” on over 2,300 sq meters in the Guest of Honour pavilion at Frankfurter Buchmesse. Thousands of visitors were impressed by the varied daily programme and experienced Flemish and Dutch literature and culture first-hand – with readings, films, performances, a daily magazine produced live in an illustrator’s workshop and virtual reality projects.

In Guest of Honour year 2016, 467 new titles in German alone were published on Flanders and the Netherlands, from 145 publishers, including 322 fiction titles. The international book exhibition “Books on Flanders & the Netherlands”, organised by Frankfurter Buchmesse and shown in the Guest of Honour pavilion, gathered 750 titles from 180 publishers and 26 countries.

Within the various exhibition halls, 144 Dutch and Flemish publishers exhibited over an area of 1,612 square metres. A special daily programme on the “Lowlands Stage” in Hall 5.0 was an added attraction.
The Guest of Honour Flanders & the Netherlands was also represented by numerous exhibitions and projects in the Agora, as well as on the “Kunstmeile” in Hall 4.1 and in other Fair exhibitions and programmes, for example in the areas of Children’s and Young Adult, Education, STM & Academic Publishing, Specialist Information, Art and Design, in the Gourmet Gallery, in the Classroom of the Future, on the Open Stage, in the Reading Tent, and at many publishers’ stands.

All in all, the Guest of Honour Flanders and the Netherlands had a total presentation area of 1,962 square metres.

99 Flemish and Dutch authors visited Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016. A total of 171 Flemish and Dutch authors came to Germany to present their literature during their year as Guest of Honour.

Additionally, throughout the entire year, 1,007 events for Flanders & the Netherlands took place – including 450 literary and cultural events on the exhibition grounds, in the city of Frankfurt am Main, as well as more than 550 additional events in other German cities. These were organised either by the Guest of Honour or one of the 73 participating partner organisations. More than 50,000 people visited the Guest of Honour events in 2016.

Each year a new Guest of Honour - each year a new logo

The mottos and logos of past Guest of Honours 1988-2015:

Guest of Honour 2015 Indonesia

"17,000 Islands of Imagination" was the slogan of the Guest of Honour 2015. The international book exhibition "Books on Indonesia" featured some 850 translations of titles from and to the Indonesian from 180 publishers and 30 countries. Indonesian publishers were present at the fair with a 340-square-meter collective stand in Hall 4.0 as well as with events related to children’s books, comic books, art/design, education and gourmet living.

Guest of Honour 2014 Finland

Ehrengast Finnland 2014 47528

„Finnland. Cool.“ was the slogan of the Guest of Honour 2014. 60 German-language publishers acquired 215 Finnish titles in the programme. The international book exhibition “Books on Finland” displayed translations of titles from and for Finland – a total of 950 books published by 245 publishers in 35 countries.

Guest of Honour 2013 Brazil

Rundgang Ehrengastpraesentation Brasilien 2013 40926

„Brazil – A land full of voices“ was the slogan of the Guest of Honour 2013. 130 German publishers presented more than 335 new releases, including 117 fiction titles in their programmes. The international book exhibition "Books on Brazil" was on display in the Guest of Honour pavilion and presented 1060 books from and about Brazil from 309 publishers and 24 countries.

Guest of Honour 2012 New Zealand

Ehrengast Neuseeland _ Guest Of Honour New Zealand 2012 34348

„While you were sleeping“ was the slogan of the Guest of Honour 2012. 104 German publishers included more than 200 new releases in their programme. Some 500 titles from 185 publishers and 21 countries were on display at the international book exhibition "Books on New Zealand", presented at the Guest of Honour pavilion.