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The festival dedicated to the future of the creative and cultural industries!

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The virtual worlds at Frankfurter Buchmesse are seemingly endless, and certainly offer a bit of unpredictability. ‘The Arts+‘ will make this its credo: bringing creative powers together, introducing new synergies, and creating a network among the arts.

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We are shaping the cultural ecosystem of the future!

THE ARTS+ asks questions: How is our living environment and communication changing as history is being written increasingly in data and pixels – that is, not just by people, but by creative artificial intelligence? How is our understanding of culture and creativity, of human beings themselves as well as their legacy changing? What will be our (intellectual) legacy to the generations to come? Who will cultivate and curate it – and how? These are all questions we discuss as part of THE ARTS+ programme – with politicians, creatives, designers and pioneers from technology and economics, and representatives from museums, cultural institutions, and media companies. THE ARTS+ sees itself as a showroom for the future of the cultural and creative industries. THE ARTS+ establishes networks and synergies.

Impressions: THE ARTS+ 2018

Future of Culture Festival
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Everything about THE ARTS+.

"Will digitization be the end of museums?” or “Are chatbots the future of storytelling?“– These and many other exciting questions will be topic at the THE ARTS+ roundtable discussions. And you can join live.



The program’s daily focus comprises: Two-hour micro-conferences, amazing speakers and interesting panels, guided tours, networking events, including lunch dates and get-togethers every evening.

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