Gourmet Gallery

Enjoyment, inspiration and passion. The Gourmet Gallery is the perfect place for tasteful books, food, wine and all the things gourmets love!


With its impressive show kitchen, the Gourmet Gallery attracts the full attention of the media as well as trade visitors and general public. Over the years, the Gourmet Gallery become an integral part of Frankfurter Buchmesse and the publishing industry. The long-standing success of Gourmet Gallery reflects the increasing importance of nutrition in our society; food not only forms a pleasurable part of our life, but also reflects identity and political trends of the time.


Review: Gourmet Gallery 2018.

Your advantages as a private visitor.

  • The world of pleasure: from new culinary discoveries and health cuisine to wine and spices.
  • Exciting events in the show kitchen and the Gourmet Salon.
  • Direct sales by the publishers on fair Sunday.

Food is more than nutrition.

Way of life.

"Food has become an expression of attitude and identity. Your typical cookbook has evolved into a high-quality guidebook that shapes your identity."


"Today's successful cookbooks are coffee table books given a prominent place by the reader as a status symbol at home."

National culture.

"As an exhibition area, the Gourmet Gallery also offers countries an attractive opportunity to present their culinary creations."


"Food has become an indispensable part of Frankfurter Buchmesse and also provides publishers with regular bestsellers."

Slowing down and mindfulness.

In our hectic, efficiency-driven society, the need for relaxation and mindfulness is on the rise. This can also be seen in the increasingly careful preparation and conscious enjoyment of our food.

Zero Waste.

From Green members of Parliament to influencers on YouTube: low-package nutrition is a hot topic when it comes to "zero waste."

Ecology and Sustainability.

Now new, but more and more important: aspects such as ecology and sustainability give nutrition a political dimension. Suddenly, for example, powerful politicians are discussing the dramatic death of bees.

New media.

Food formats are becoming more and more fluid - constantly growing digital communities, food blogs and food tubers with millions of followers, recipes in the form of GIFs and much more.

Your advantages as a trade visitor

  • All the latest international food trends in one place.
  • Numerous networking events and opportunities to exchange information.
  • Close proximity to many nations and international exhibitors as well as representatives of important third-party industries

Attention exhibitors!

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