The Weltempfang will explore the topic of "Global Citizenship - Democracy and Engagement" through international encounters, author discussions and expert debates.


Weltempfang is a joint project of Frankfurter Buchmesse and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. It has long served as a space for open dialogue and political discussion. Political and cultural experts will focus on key issues around "Global Citizenship - Democracy and Engagement". Because if current political developments have made anything clear, it's this: "We need to talk."


At Weltempfang, Frankfurter Buchmesse shines a spotlight on urgent and worthwhile topics. What has led to the current trends of populism and anti-political sentiment? How can we develop more positive social perspectives and turn them into reality? Let's find the answers together.


Review: Weltempfang 2018.

We need to talk: Human rights, democracy and engagement.

4200-Weltempfang Handy

Weltempfang opening ceremony: A changing world.

The political, economic and social situation is changing so quickly that the effect it will have on international power structures down the line is nearly unpredictable. The opening ceremony of Weltempfang will welcome experts from the literature and international political and cultural sectors to discuss how we can deal with the new challenges arising from these competing narratives.

Deniz Yücel mit Mikrofon

Freedom of the press in Turkey.

Human rights and freedom of the press are being eroded daily in Turkey. Increasingly, unbiased political criticism is possible only from abroad. How can journalists continue to cope with these developments? Join us for a keynote discussion featuring Deniz Yücel.

In a nutshell

Weltempfang: The place to talk with experts about freedom of the press, self-censorship and other socio-political developments.