In the age of man – the Anthropocene – we have to ask ourselves the question: Has our influence on the planet become too extreme? At Weltempfang, immerse yourself in discussions with authors, and debates with leading international figures.


This year’s Weltempfang at Frankfurter Buchmesse is dedicated to the relationship between culture and nature. A coexistence in which man has increasingly dominated his environment. But in the near future, this will no longer be the case– as we have already plundered nature in many forms.

With consumption of oil and coal, we allowed the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere to virtually explode. To the same extent, we have deprived plant and animal species of their habitat. With scientific and technical leaps, such as artificial


intelligence, we are driving evolution further and further – but to what end if we are continuously destroying our own biotope?

Weltempfang is a collective project of Frankfurter Buchmesse and the German Federal Foreign Office, and in 2019, will once again be the spot for an open exchange of ideas and political dialogue. Something we need now more than ever.


Events and Topics

In round table discussions with international figures, we will shed light on the Anthropocene Age as a whole. Together, we will answer the basic questions, such as: How does man position himself within nature? Or outside of nature? What are the limits of our growth? And what happens when these are reached?

Information about the events and topics will follow shortly.

Our influence on the planet: indisputable

The romantic concept of untouched nature no longer exists. It’s no wonder – since 1960 the world’s population has rocketed to over seven billion people. We have become the driving force of change on Earth – and make this abundantly clear with mountains of rubbish, dried up lakes, and polluted oceans, to name just a few of the images characterising the Anthropocene Age.

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