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Gourmet Gallery

Newly designed in hall 3.1: The perfect place for tasteful books, food, wine and everything that gourmands love.


With its impressive show kitchen, the Gourmet Gallery attracts the full attention of the media as well as trade visitors and general public. Over the years, the Gourmet Gallery became an integral part of Frankfurter Buchmesse and the publishing industry. The long-standing success of Gourmet Gallery reflects the increasing importance of nutrition in our society; food not only forms a pleasurable part of our life, but also reflects identity and political trends of the time.


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Here you will find all exhibition possibilities and stages of the Gourmet Gallery at a glance.

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Gourmet Gallery-Highlights 2019

Trending topics 2019

Slowing down and mindfulness

In our hectic, efficiency-driven society, the need for relaxation and mindfulness is on the rise. This can also be seen in the increasingly careful preparation and conscious enjoyment of our food.

Zero waste

From Green members of Parliament to influencers on YouTube: low-package nutrition is a hot topic when it comes to "zero waste."

Ecology and sustainability

Now new, but more and more important: aspects such as ecology and sustainability give nutrition a political dimension. Suddenly, for example, powerful politicians are discussing the dramatic death of bees.

New media

Food formats are becoming more and more fluid - constantly growing digital communities, food blogs and food tubers with millions of followers, recipes in the form of GIFs and much more.

Interviews on the Gourmet Gallery

  • Johannes Klaus / Marianna Hillmer (Reisedepeschen Verlag)


    „Keine Bücher zu Ego-Abenteuern!“

    Über Messen mit Urlaubsatmosphäre und Bucket-List-Abhaker: Ein Interview mit der Reiseverlegerin und Travelbloggerin Marianna Hillmer (Reisedepeschen Verlag).

  • Johann Lafer auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse


    Interview with Johann Lafer

    An interview with Johann Lafer, the Austrian cook, TV chef, entrepreneur and non-fiction author on developments in nutrition and their political significance.

  • Interview

    Interview with CrispyRob

    Crispy Rob is a YouTube creator and since 2015 he's been posting weekly cooking videos with his own food creations on his video channel. In an interview he talks about his favorite dish and the future of food.

  • Aureli Bastian auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse


    Interview with Aurélie Bastian

    The author, TV cook and food photographer Aurélie Bastian reveals her culinary preferences in an interview and explains the role of environmental protection in cooking.

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