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New: Frankfurt Studio Festival Programme

Talks, discussions and lectures: experience a diverse, digital programme!

Frankfurt Studio Festival

Live from the fair to your home.

In the new Frankfurt Studio Festival, contemporary authors will hand each other the microphone. Together with Buchjournal, Frankfurter Buchmesse will broadcast live from its livestream studio on the exhibition grounds every day the fair is open to the general public. Talks, lectures and discussions on various topics: experience a diverse, digital programme – live from the fair to your home.
The event will be live streamed on Frankfurter Buchmesse and Buchjournal's social media channels and websites, and it will remain viewable afterwards.
Frankfurt Studio Festival offers you a diverse curated programme that presents authors and their books in segments arranged according to content with a focus on current trends in the book market.

In cooperation with:

Look forward to:

The adventure of growing up: coming-of-age novels

Writing about life: Autobiographical literature (and autobiographies)

Fascinating family novels - generational novels - multi-part sagas

Clear the stage for debut authors!

Dancing on the volcano: from the Roaring Twenties to the Second World War

True crime (crime novel, thriller)

Magical worlds: The magic of fantasy novels

The contentious issue of identity politics: What kind of society do we want to live in?

Climate: the global challenge

Exciting non-fiction: science books (maths, physics, medicine, etc.)

Profession & career: even during the coronavirus

Relationships, not just upbringing: happy children, happy families

Self-sufficiency, gardening, dream of country life

Healthy eating

Different – so what? Diversity.

Evergreen series: Why we love Commissario Brunetti, Ann-Katrin Klaasen, Max Ballauf and Fredy Schenk


The Frankfurt Studio Festival‘s programme will be available from mid-September.