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The new ALDUS Magazin

ALDUS Magazin von THE ARTS+

All you need to know about the future of the creative industries. Now in the ALDUS magazine of THE ARTS+.

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Get the most important information on THE ARTS+ at a glance: Here you can find all the news and interviews relating to the Future of Culture Festival.

You can download the newest edition of the ALDUS magazine produced in cooperation with ALDUS, the network of European book fairs.

You can also download the “European Manifesto on Supporting Innovation for Cultural and Creative Sectors”. The manifesto was created last year at the ARTS+ Innovation Summit thanks to the collaboration of 14 European partners and representatives from the fields of economy, culture, technology and politics.

"European Manifesto"

Why the cultural & creative sectors must unite? Read more in the "European Manifesto", which was created by 14 European partners and representatives.

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  • Der Frankfurt Buchmesse Film Award


    Film Award: Seeking the best illustrated books on film

    This year, Frankfurter Buchmesse and the MGIP Motovun Group of International Publishers are once again awarding a prize for the “Best Illustrated Book on Film”. 

  • Verleihung des Buchmesse Film Awards


    Film Awards: Call for Entries has started

    The red carpet will once again be rolled out this year: For the second time, Frankfurter Buchmesse (16-20 October 2019) will award the Frankfurter Buchmesse Film Awards.

  • Christian Bollert


    Expert trends: Shared news on 2018

    What trends and developments can we look forward to in the creative industries and arts in 2018? What digital projects will major cultural institutions like the Städel Museum in Frankfurt and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London promote?

  • Jean Arcache


    Interview: Jean Arcache about his ARTS+ particpation

    “Being part of THE ARTS+ nwas a fantastic chance for the Motovun Group"– JEAN ARCACHE

  • Maya Kodes Portrait


    Interview: Yves St-Gelais about a holographic Popstar

    Meet Maya Kodes a digital code from cyberspace that came into the world.

  • Andrea Nicolai


    Interview: Andrea Nicolai, speaker at THE ARTS+ Innovation Summit

    “Valley of death”: How excellent research fails to make it to the market – and why the creative sector needs a more R&D-focussed approach.

  • Frankfurter Buchmesse 2018 - Rückblick - ARTS+


    Highlights: THE ARTS+ 2018

    There was an amazing programme at #theartsplus18 and amazing exhibitors on THE ARTS+ fairground. – and we´d love to present you the highlights of #theartsplus18 .

  • Harry Verwayen


    Interview: Innovation Summit programme partners

    "When we build standards together, we can create data that flows on the web, whatever the platform or the system.“

  • Heritiana Ranaivoson


    Interview: Dr. Heritiana Ranaivoson

    „If the creative and cultural Sectors are not united and supported, they can never keep up with the big four.“

  • Holger Volland bei THE ARTS+


    Artificial Intelligence: Main driver of digital revolution

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered the main driver of the digital revolution and increasingly pervades our daily personal and professional lives.

  • Ein Mann mit Mikrofon spricht auf einer Bühne.


    Innovation Summit: 2018 at THE ARTS+

    A strong voice for innovation frameworks: Creative sectors united!

  • Grafik


    Innovation Summit: The bigger picture

    The bigger Picture – How can the cultural an dcreative Sectors bridge the innovation gap?

  • THE ARTS+ auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse


    THE ARTS+: Launched to great success

    “With THE ARTS+ we have succeeded in giving the many curious visitors their first insights into tomorrow’s digital world of art and culture,” said Christiane zu Salm, co-founder of THE ARTS+.

  • Holger Volland bei THE ARTS+


    Interview: Lorenz Pöllmann about the digital culture industry

    Lorenz Pöllmann, Professor at the HMKW, Berlin, and co-publisher of the anthology “Der digitale Kulturbetrieb” (“The Digital Culture Industry”), in conversation with digital and cultural experts Holger Volland, Founder of THE ARTS+ and author of the non-fiction book “Die kreative Macht der Maschinen” (“The Creative Power of Machines”).

  • Chris Dercon


    Quotations: Speakers, partners, exhibitors of THE ARTS+ 2018

    We like to thank our amazing speakers, partners and exhibitors for THE ARTS+ success this year – and we´re very happy to hear that they enjoyed the festival as much as we did. Here are some voices and nice words about this year´s THE ARTS+.

  • Virtual Reallity Auto bei THE ARTS+


    Impressions 2016: THE ARTS+

    Want to re-live the best ARTS+ moments or like to know what you have missed? Then take a look at our video with impressions from THE ARTS+ 2016.

  • Bernd Fesel


    Interview: Bernd Fesel about cross-innovation

    How being at the intersection of culture, business, technology and politics can be a real advantage for the cultural and creative industries