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Frankfurt Book Fair New York Inc.

The Frankfurt Book Fair New York—formerly known as the German Book Office, or GBO—was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization and is one of four international business offices of Frankfurter Buchmesse. We represent the Frankfurter Buchmesse through the year and are your liaison for all Frankfurter Buchmesse related matters, on the business as well as the cultural side.

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Your Portal to the US Publishing Market

We bring the U.S. and German publishing industries together through our diverse portfolio of business and cultural projects. With funding from the Federal Foreign Office, we are able to conduct our many German Book Office projects, which aim to promote German literature in the US; this includes organizing and facilitating the Festival Neue Literatur each year, holding Book of the Month selections with raffles for readers, and spearheading the US jury of New Books in German. In addition, we publish Publishing Perspectives, an online business magazine covering the trends, people, and companies shaping the global book industry. We are industry experts and literary ambassadors, as well as your liaison for partnership endeavors in the global literary publishing world.

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How you can benefit from us:

  • Editor’s Trip to Germany: Each year, the New York Office takes a group of North American editors to Germany for the annual Editors’ Trip. The week-long program is full of meetings and panels designed to offer participants the chance to explore the landscape of German publishing.
  • Festival Neue Literatur is the only U.S. festival to showcase fiction originally written in German. Neue Literatur has been committed to providing a platform for new voices and new storytellers originating in German, in addition to forging a lively conversation between American and German-language writers.
  • Recommended books in the magazine New Books in German (NBG): New Books in German (NBG), an independent magazine that recommends contemporary untranslated books from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is an excellent resource for American editors. NGB features fiction, nonfiction and children's books.
  • US Acquisition list: Please contact us to find out which German-language books are being published in English translation. Please note that this is not a complete list. We are dependent on the feedback of German rights directors and US acquiring editors. Please email us if you would like to alert us to any German titles that have sold to English-language publishers.
  • Recommendation of translators: The New York Office maintains a translator database to facilitate the quick and easy finding of suitable translators. If you regularly do translation work from German into English and would like to be considered for inclusion in the database.

Conferences you really need to know.

A stand with German books

New Books in German

A high-quality magazine in which we recommend contemporary untranslated books from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - an excellent source for American editors.

BookExpo America

The largest annual book fair in the United States where we promote German books.

New Literature Festival

The very first festival initiated by us, which presents texts from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the USA to the New York audience.

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If you want to tap into the American market, make use of our extensive network.