The Paris-Frankfurt Fellowship: Connecting young French and German booksellers and publishers.

Launched in 2017 when France was guest of honour, Frankfurter Buchmesse's Paris-Frankfurt Fellowship is set to continue pursuing these goals: Selected young booksellers and publishing staff complete an intensive two-week training programme between France and Germany. New professional, language and intercultural skills are acquired through practical seminars and study trips to both countries.

The Paris-Frankfurt Fellowship takes place from 30 May to 12 June 2018 in Germany and France.


The costs for the Paris-Frankfurt Fellowship (preparatory course, accommodation, food and travel) are covered by the Franco-German Youth Office (DFJW) in cooperation with programme partners Frankfurter Buchmesse and the society for promoting French literature abroad (BIEF). During study trips, participants receive a scholarship from the DFJW.


The Paris-Frankfurt Fellowship includes three modules of 4 days each. The first module is a language and intercultural preparation course at mediacampus frankfurt, the second module is a study trip with visits to selected publishing houses, bookstores and distribution centres in Germany; the third module is a study trip to France.

Target group

The Paris-Frankfurt Fellowship is aimed at young professional booksellers and publishing employees with a strong interest in the book market of the neighbouring country. Prerequisites are a completed a completed degree or training programme and knowledge of French. The age limit for programme participation is 30 years.

Why register?

If you are a junior publisher or want to support the next generation of publishers, use the opportunities offered by the Fellowship.