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Every year, the Frankfurter Buchmesse puts together a number of book collections on different topical subjects.

These are currently being discussed in Germany and also noted with interest in other countries. The standard collections include children’s books, new literary releases and other.

Book collections and catalogues

Dark Nights - Contemporary German Crime Fiction

German crime fiction is thriving. Here, you`ll find everything from light-hearted regional detective stories to serious historical thrillers and gritty dystopian crime.
Catalogue Dark Nights

The Dawn of a New Age - 1968 in words and pictures

1968: 50 years after the turbulent revolts, this collection sheds light on the origins, the events and the repercussions of the German student movement, and places it in an international context.
Catalogue 1968

Pictures Become Books - The most beautiful exhibition catalogues of 2017

Photography, looted art, modernism, contemporary art and "100 years of Bauhaus": 25 catalogues for current exhibitions show the broad diversity of the gallery scene in the German-speaking countries.
Catalogue Pictures become books

50 Books that travel

50 original German titles from 26 publishers and their English translations from 53 publishers in the United States, Great Britain and the Commonwealth. The selection showcases the broad spectrum of recent English translations of German novels, children's books and non-fiction. The collection was compiled jointly by "New Books in German" and the German Book Office, New York.

Catalogue "50 books that travel"

The Best German Book Design

25 titles from 20 publishers
Exemplary design, concept and workmanship: a collection of titles honoured by the Stiftung Buchkunst. The best designed titles demonstrate the high quality of books "made in Germany".
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The book collections are funded by the German Federal Foreign Office

A glance back

on the book collections 2017

On the End of Loneliness - New literary releases

This year, the Literaturhaus München (Munich Literature House) curated our annual collection of literature, which is meant to serve as a guide to books worth reading and translating by German-language authors for anyone abroad interested in German contemporary literature (including those teaching and learning German, literary agents and editors, etc.). The catalogue, which provides descriptions of the individual titles as well as information regarding translation rights, also includes information about the activities of the Munich Literature House.

81 titles from 34 publishers – with an accompanying catalogue in English and German
Catalogue "New literary releases"

On Words and Liberty - Books about Freedom of Expression

The Frankfurt Book Fair’s book collection “On Words and Liberty” should be seen as an appeal to promote the achievement of freedom of speech and opinion around the world. Freedom of speech and opinion is not a luxury item for industrialised countries of the West. It is the very foundation of the concept of the state.
Collection "On Words and Liberty"

Karl Marx and the Critique of Modern Society

No German author of the past 200 years has been as internationally renowned and influential as Karl Marx. In 2013, the “Communist Manifesto” and the first volume of “Capital” were included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the release of the first volume of “Capital” and 2018 the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth. These two anniversaries provide the occasion to present a book collection with more recent contributions on the life, work and impact of Karl Marx.
Catalogue "Karl Marx"

This Tree's Leaf - Nature writing in German

"Nature Writing" – experiencing and exploring nature and sharing one’s impressions and thoughts with an empathic audience of readers and listeners – is also a tradition in German-speaking regions. Goethe, Humboldt and Forster – a few classic examples whose influence reaches far beyond Germany’s borders – are proof of this. Recently, the publisher Verlag Matthes & Seitz in particular has taken up this “green thread” of taking pleasure in and examining nature, contributing 20 elegantly designed books to the 61 titles from 31 publishing houses.
Collection "Nature Writing"

NEW: the frankfurt magazine – books from Germany

We are proud to announce the very first edition of the frankfurt magazine! This brand new publication complements our book collections by discussing the topics and titles in greater detail. But it is also a fully fledged literary and cultural magazine in its own right – one that places wide-ranging interviews with industry experts alongside articles by important German authors, and includes literary news and views alongside statistical information on the German book market. Pick up a copy the next time you visit a German stand.

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