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The Book Information Centre (BIZ) Beijing has been operating since 1998 as the overseas representative office of the Frankfurt Book Fair in Beijing. It is the central contact and information point for the German and Chinese book industries and it provides many services for professionals in that field. We are the competent partner for inquiries on all aspects of the German and Chinese book sector.

The Book Information Centre works with a mixed mandate that balances straightforward business interests against a cultural-political mission, the aim of which is to increase the mutual transparency of the two country's book industries, and thereby to intensify German-Chinese cooperation.

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The BIZ Beijing is funded by the German Federal Office:

Information on the Chinese book market

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You can find the latest updated figures for the Mainland China market in our 2017 Chinese book market report. If you would like to receive a free copy of our Chinese book market reports, please fill out the form below and send it to

Further reports

The Book Information Centre (BIZ) Beijing cooperates with a number of media partners online and offline. Below you can find some further resources and reports about the Chinese book market.

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Special report on the Chinese creative industries

How creative is the Chinese content industry? What are some of the most important trends? With the January 2014 premiere of the China Creative Industries Award, organised by the Frankfurt Book Fair and China Publishing and Media Journal, awards were presented for the first time to innovative cross-industry products and companies in Mainland China’s content industries. We’ve put together a summary of this in-depth report for you.

Some of our activities in pictures

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Beijing International Book Fair

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further information: German Pavilion at Beijing International Book Fair
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Promoting German books

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Promoting German books
Despite a great deal of interest on the part of the Chinese, German books still have quite a difficult time getting noticed in the Chinese market
– much more so than English-language titles.The main reason for this is the lack of German speakers in China. And given the fact that it’s even harder to find Germans with a grasp of the Chinese language, there are many challenges and barriers standing in the way of mutual contact. That’s exactly the type of situation we’d like to remedy.

All year round, we offer the opportunity to promote German books in China. On the BIZ’s Chinese-language website, we feature a number of new German releases in an online rightslist (for example: German picture books). We also inform Chinese editors, publishers and rights managers, trade media and experts, as well as interested Chinese readers about German books via the BIZ Newsletter (5000+ trade recipients) and a variety of social media channels(more than 100,000 fans and subscribers in total).

The BIZ collaborates with the Chinese trade media to highlight selected new titles and publishers. It is our way of providing as much support as we can to all German publishers. As an informational platform, we want to work in the best interests of the German book industry – that’s why we’re basically open to collaborating with all industry players. It’s also the reason why we do not work as a licensing agency.

Promoting German publishers

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Promoting German publishers - We’ll make your publishing house visible to the Chinese market Since 1999, the BIZ Beijing has been working closely with local Chinese partners and established itself in the Chinese publishing world as the central point of contact for those interested in meeting and learning about German publishers. We offer the opportunity to prominently feature German publishing houses online. They provide us with essential information about publishing house, and we translate this information and adapt it to meet the expectations of a Chinese audience.

Public relations

We help German publishers to develop a media presence in the Chinese-speaking world. Through our close collaboration with local Chinese partners, we’ve established ties with members of the Chinese media, enabling us to promote German publishers, bookstores, institutions or even individual book titles.

For example, each year, to coincide with the Beijing International Book Fair, the Frankfurt Book Fair and the BIZ Beijing collaborate with the China Publishing & Media Journal to publish a "Special edition Germany" in Chinese. This contains a general overview of German book production, as well as portraits of all the German publishers represented in Beijing. For the past two years, the BIZ has also published a series of articles in the trade magazine “China Publishers” under the title “Klein und Gut” (Small and Good), which help acquaint Chinese publishing professionals with remarkable small German publishers by outlining their profile and history.

German children’s books have also been featured on Chinese television thanks to the work of the BIZ. Reports on new German releases and the German book market have appeared both online and offline in relevant media.

Translation support

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The demand for licensed German titles is great among Chinese publishers. There is a tremendous need for professional, qualified and experienced translators.The BIZ Beijing supports the German and Chinese book industries by recommending and connecting translators who have German and Chinese as either their source or target languages. The BIZ Beijing also organises events, training sessions, seminars and workshops for and with translators.

The BIZ also supports the translation of German works into Chinese through its collaboration with the translation support/library department of the Goethe Institute (Beijing) as part of the "Translation Support China" programme. At the moment, this support is primarily focused on new non-fiction titles. You’ll find additional information online on the website of the Goethe Institute (Beijing).

Book fairs and exhibitions

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Collective stands at the most important book fairs in Asia
German books that have been exhibited at the Frankfurt Book Fair’s collective stand remain in China. In the months that follow, we display them at national fairs, in licensing exchanges organised by the BIZ and on other appropriate occasions.

Trade events and conferences

The BIZ Beijing organises annual editors’ trips to Germany that also include a professional programme. These trips enable Chinese editors and publishers to get a closer look at the German publishing landscape. Starting in 2014, German editors will also have the opportunity to experience all facets of the Chinese book market first-hand and to network with potential partners.

One recurring event is the BIZ Beijing’s two-day all-media conference StoryDrive Asia. At this event, high-quality speakers from the book, film, games and creative industries stand before an audience of professionals to report on the latest developments in the content industries, successful business models and strategies being embraced by the creative industries. StoryDrive Asia also serves as an excellent platform for networking. Experience has shown that more than 70 per cent of the attendees are decision-makers from publishing and other media companies. In addition to the conference, the BIZ Beijing also organises an international collective stand featuring publishers, as well as German, Chinese and international companies from other neighbouring industries.

In the past, we have also successfully hosted events focused on "Licensing successfully on an international level", "Bookseller training", "Personnel training in the book industry", and "The concept of USP".

We’d be happy to help you find just the right Chinese experts to deliver talks in Germany. If you have suggestions for an event topic, would like to host a workshop or have other thoughts about how we might collaborate, please feel free to contact us.

Customised consulting

We address individual wants and needs. Here are some of the ways of potential collaboration with the BIZ:

  • "Matchmaking": Establishing direct contact with a Chinese publisher with a similar profile
  • You are already working with an agency, but you would like to learn more about the Chinese book market
  • You’ve found an interesting title in China that’s available forlicensing and could use an expert opinion
  • You’re looking for a business partner

For us, it is particularly important to emphasise that the BIZ is a platform that is open to all interested industry professionals. We are not looking to compete with literary agencies. Instead, we hope to work together in complementary and mutually enriching ways.

Our services

  • Provide online and offline information about German books to the Chinese market
  • Promote and communicate information about German publishing to the Chinese book industry
  • Prepare information about Chinese publishing for the German book industry
  • Maintain a German – Chinese translator network; support translators
  • Support Chinese exhibitors at the Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Organise exhibitions of German books at Asian book fairs
  • Plan and organise professional training events and conferences like StoryDrive Asia
  • Plan and organise trips for German and Chinese publishing delegations
  • Offer consulting in the fields of market analysis and international cooperation