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ALDUS Network of European Book Fairs, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. It is primary aimed at fostering transnational mobility of European literary works and book professionals.

What is ALDUS?

ALDUS (named after 15th century’s humanist and innovative publisher Aldo Manuzio) is the European Book Fairs’ network, primary aimed at fostering fostering the internationalization of publishing companies, the increase in exchanging rights for translations as well as dialogue and training opportunities for book professionals, with a particular regard to the challenges provided by digital.

The network.

Starting points are the presence in the network of the two leading B2B International book-fairs in the world (Frankfurt and Bologna), and the rich variety of national book fairs, open to the public (Rome, Vilnius, Riga, Lisbon and Bucharest book fairs). The former are already the place for professionals to meet at global level, the latter have a big potential to complement this by offering visibility to national book communities at a European level. The partnership will foster targeted mobility between professionals, through visits and joint events, including workshops, training initiatives and fellowship programmes. Book fairs, publishers’ associations and other stakeholder organizations are encouraged to join the network.

New engaging events.

Book-fairs are the occasion for some of the most important conferences and seminar programs in the book world, both at national and international level. ALDUS will foster new synergies between book fairs in co-designing and co-producing coordinated programmes addressing the needs of the audiences. ALDUS proposes innovative and engaging new formats which, among others, will address cultural, technological and business innovation, engagement with specific audiences, translations, relations with other creative industries and related rights management. Events calendar, materials and updates will be available in the ALDUS website.

A community of peers.

ALDUS is a community of peers, a community where people can interact with other colleagues, build new initiatives, learn from the dialogue, bring new ideas, present their experiences and listen and speak at the same time. Book professionals can develop their careers internationally by experimenting new dynamic events. It is an opportunity to give an international boost to your work, a place to meet with experts, find partners around Europe, improve your skills, experience and learn from new formats for audience engagement, access information for the daily work to open the mind to new prospects.

The Knowledge Hub.

ALDUS is a Knowledge Hub, which encourages professional and social relations among the different professionals of the book industry providing valuable information and training resources. The platform includes discussion and networking tools to enhance peer to peer knowledge sharing among participants.

The project.

ALDUS is a project co-funded by the European Union under the Creative Europe programme; it will run from June 2016 to September 2019. The project is coordinated by AIE (Italian Publishers Association) and involves two leading international book fairs (Frankfurt and Bologna), national fairs (Rome, Vilnius, Riga, Lisbon and Bucharest book fairs) and the European umbrella organisations of authors (EWC) and publishers (FEP). The network will be increasingly developed throughout the project to reach a pan-European level.

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ALDUS – European Book Fairs’ Network.

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