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Frankfurter Buchmesse 2020 BOOKFEST digital Elizabeth Gilbert

© Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Elizabeth Gilbert


Elizabeth Gilbert, born in 1969, grew up on a Connecticut Christmas tree farm. After studying in New York, she worked a. a. as a journalist for the »New York Times« and started writing books. »Time Magazine« chose her among the hundred most influential people in the world. The international breakthrough came in 2006 with »Eat Pray Love«, a world bestseller, in which the main character Elizabeth goes on a world tour and finds herself: Dolce Vita in Italy, meditation in India and happiness in Bali. In 2010 »Eat Pray Love« was filmed with Julia Roberts in the lead role. After »Big Magic« (2015), her novel »City of Girls« was published in 2019. Elizabeth Gilbert lives in New Jersey.