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Oyasujiwo Poetranto

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Oyasujiwo Poetranto

Chief editor of Bumilangit Comics

After graduated as bachelor of art in 2001, Oyasujiwo started publishing weekly comic strip on local newspaper, and also few indie comics. His first long comic, 1001 Jagoan, was selected for Komikasia Award, with one of its character, Kapten Kilat Khusus chosen as best character for Kosasih Award. Other than comics, Oyasujiwo also involved in feature animation production such as Paddlepop and Riki Rhino.
In 2015 he develop a series of children story book, Odong-odong Dongeng and became that year’s best seller. Since 2016 Oyasujiwo join Bumilangit as editor in chief.

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BOOKFEST digital
Reviving Classic Libraries as An Emerging Superheroes Universe