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LitAg Tickets

The LitAg Ticket Portal 2024 is now available.

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On this page you will find the relevant information on how to create Agent Tickets and Tuesday Tickets:

LitAg Ticket Portal (generate Agent Tickets)

As the ticket manager of an agency with a table in the Literary Agents & Scouts Centre you can...

  • obtain Agent Tickets from your quota
  • order additional Agent Tickets for a fee
  • obtain free Tuesday Tickets for your visitors on Tuesday, 15 October 2024

FAQ LitAg Ticket Portal

  1. From 2024, you will no longer need a MyBookFair Login to access the LitAg Ticket Portal. Instead, you register once with Messe Frankfurt using the e-mail address  we have on file for you as a ticket manager and then use this "Messe-Login" to access the Ticket Portal.
  2. You create and personalise Agent tickets directly in the LitAg Ticket Portal and send the finished PDF to your colleagues. 
  3. Visitors with whom you arrange an appointment for Tuesday, 15 October 2024, and who are not in possession of either an Agent Ticket or an Exhibitor Pass will need a free Tuesday Ticket.
    From 2024, you will only receive a single code for these tickets, which you can forward to all persons concerned. It will no longer be necessary to send individual ticket codes from the LitAg Ticket Portal.

On the registration form for your table, an e-mail address has been entered under "04 Tickets Literary Agents & Tuesday Tickets". You must register with this e-mail address with Messe Frankfurt to access the LitAg Ticket Portal.

If no e-mail address was entered on the form under 04, the contact person under "05 Company address" is the ticket manager and can access the LitAg Ticket Portal with their e-mail address.

The ticket manager can name any number of substitutes in the LitAg Ticket Portal, who can then also register on the Messe Frankfurt Messe-Login to gain access to the Ticket Portal.

If the person named in the registration form can no longer do this themselves, e.g. because they have left the company, we can appoint another person with an e-mail address as ticket manager. In this case, please send an e-mail to

In the LitAg Ticket Portal, you can create personalised Agent Tickets (PDF) and send them to your colleagues by e-mail and/or download them directly from the portal.

Only the used Agent Tickets that exceed your free ticket quota will be invoiced after the fair.

People who would like to meet you in the LitAg on Tuesday and who do not have an Agent Ticket or an Exhibitor Pass need a Tuesday Ticket to enter the exhibition site.

Agencies registered in the LitAg will receive a Tuesday Ticket code, which they can make available to as many guests as they wish. This ticket code can be redeemed in the Ticket Shop for trade visitors after registration/login for a personalised Tuesday Ticket.

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Redeem Tuesday Ticket code

Have you received a Tuesday Ticket code and would like to convert it into a personalised admission ticket?

FAQ Redeem ticket codes

To redeem your Tuesday Ticket code, register directly in the Ticket Shop for trade visitors after entering the ticket code. This registration is only valid in this Ticket Shop and only for the current Frankfurter Buchmesse. It will be deleted after the event.

You have received a Tuesday Ticket code from the agency with which you have made an appointment for Tuesday, 15 October 2024 at the Literary Agents & Scouts Centre (LitAG).

After clicking on the link to the Ticket Shop for trade visitors, enter the code in the field "Ticket code" and register in the Shop for this year. You will then be asked to personalise the ticket with your name and e-mail address. After completing the process, you will receive an e-mail with your Tuesday Ticket as a PDF and as a pkpass file.

You can retrieve the created PDF tickets at any time. To do so, log into the Ticket Shop for trade visitors and click on "Your orders" to download your Tuesday Ticket.

Literary Agents & Scouts Centre (LitAg)

LitAg Ticket Portal - Tutorial

The tutorial explains all the services offered by the LitAg Ticket Portal: from your registration and the use of ticket codes to free quotas and the appointment of a substitute.

Download PDF
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