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The LitAg Ticket Portal for literary agents

The LitAg Ticket Portal is a centralised ticketing system for literary agents and scouts. You can use this professional management tool to provide your colleagues with personalised agent tickets (LitAg tickets) and invite customers to the fair with the practical invitation tool. The tool also lets you send direct ticket links via e-mail to your guests.
Please note: due to the COVID 19 pandemic, all tickets are only available as one-day tickets.

Send and manage quickly and easily

  • LitAg Tickets for literary agents and scouts
  • Passes for set-up and dismantling

Benefit from the many advantages


With just a few clicks you can create and manage your ticket and tickets for employees and customers.


Ticket links can be sent directly from the portal to your employees and customers on request.


You can invite recipients personally by passing on the ticket code via email or other means.


You always have a good overview of all allocated tickets.


You only pay for tickets actually redeemed by recipients, so you keep track of costs.


You can always check the status of your orders and analyse information on ticket usage over the long term.


You benefit from the many services My Book Fair offers you.

Step by step


Creating and sending ticket codes and ticket links.


Questions about the LitAg Ticket Portal

Where can I see my ticket code?

All tickets and codes generated by the ticket manager will show in their overview within the LitAg Ticket Portal. Each ticket number here corresponds to one ticket/code that has been created, and they will remain saved in this overview. The ticket manager can then send ticket codes to colleagues and clients, who can in turn personalise their tickets using their own My Book Fair account.

Are all tickets that are sent out personalised?

No, the tickets generated by the ticket manager are not yet personalised. This will only happen – and have a name added – once the recipient has redeemed the code/ticket. The recipient will need to register to do so.

Can the name on the ticket be changed?

No, the name on the ticket can not be changed once it has been personalised – not even by the ticket manager. Please note that individual tickets that are issued via the exhibitor ticket portal - and are not part of a specific package - will not be invoiced unless they are actually scanned at the entrance for use.

Can I visit Frankfurter Buchmesse without redeeming a ticket code?

If you have not redeemed your ticket code on My Book Fair, you can redeem it at a service point at the entrance when you visit the fair. However, we recommend that you redeem your ticket code online through My Book Fair. This will help you avoid queues at the fair, and you will be able to access all the helpful functions of My Book Fair.

Can I also purchase a ticket at the fair?

Literary agents must generate their tickets using the LitAg Ticket Portal.

All about My Book Fair

The central service portal for all literary agents

Frankfurter Buchmesse continues to grow. My Book Fair gives you access to a wide range of services relating to the most important marketplace for printed and digital content. You can use our fair services simply, quickly, efficiently, and around the clock, ensuring they don’t miss a thing. And once you’ve registered, you can access our fair services for future fairs even quicker.

Literary agents can do all this at My Book Fair, and more

  • Create and manage tickets and fair passes
  • Redeem ticket codes and ticket links
  • Invite colleagues and customers automatically and personally
  • Pay invoices with a credit card
  • Apply for visa invitations
  • Edit your catalogue entry
  • Research in the Exhibitor Catalogue, make checklists and download them as PDFs
  • Get suggested contacts for ideal matchmaking based on information provided about your interests and relevant countries
  • Set favourites that automatically link to the Book Fair app for convenient access

Questions about My Book Fair

What is My Book Fair?

My Book Fair is the central service portal for your fair needs. Exhibitors, trade visitors and literary agents will find our fair services easy to use, and can access them at any time. So you never miss a thing. Exhibitors and literary agents can organise tickets and free contingents, invite colleagues and customers, enter their event in the Calendar of Events, and much more. Users can also download the Exhibitor Catalogue. All entries in My Book Fair will automatically link to your Book Fair app.

Why do Frankfurter Buchmesse’s trade visitors and exhibitors have to register on My Book Fair?

Due to the increasing digitalisation of processes in the professional world, we are now offering our fair services in a digitally-bundled package. This provides you with round-the-clock transparency of ticket management. And My Book Fair offers additional helpful functions. For example, you can:

  • Redeem ticket codes and ticket links,
  • Register as a trade visitor and use all relevant services,
  • Apply for visa invitations,
  • Download the Exhibitor Catalogue, and
  • Automatically link My Book Fair entries with your book fair app.

How are My Book Fair and the LitAg Ticket Portal connected?

One access – many possibilities. My Book Fair is the central service portal for your visit to the fair. A single registration is all it takes to use fair services simply and conveniently, and to ensure you don’t miss a thing. This also includes creating, managing and sending your tickets through the LitAg Ticket Portal.

If you have any further questions, please ask.

Give us a call or drop us a line. We will be happy to help you.

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