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263 days to go

Plan your visit to the fair

Fair Preparation from A to Z. Everything you need to know to be well prepared

For five days, your stand at Frankfurter Buchmesse becomes your company headquarters. It's where the course is set for the coming year. Here we provide you with the most important information to ensure that everything goes well – whether it's planning, setting up your stand or getting the most out of your time at the fair. We help ensure that your time at the fair is a total success. If you have any questions or can't find any important information, please don't hesitate to contact us. More information can be found in the "Fair A to Z".

Set-up and dismantling

Set-up times

Sunday, 11 October
7.00 am – 9.00 pm

Monday, 12 October
7.00 am – 10.00 pm

Tuesday, 13 October
7.00 am – 10.00 pm

Early stand set-up or delivery of assembly materials prior to Sunday, 11 October 2020, is only allowed for exhibitors with custom-built stands of 40 sqm or more who have obtained special written authorisation from Frankfurter Buchmesse.

All persons assigned to stand set-up must be in possession of set-up passes. Exhibitors are required to carry their exhibitor passes with them before and throughout the fair. Set-up must be completed by 10.00 pm on Tuesday, 13 October 2020, after which no persons are allowed to remain on the exhibition site.

Please ensure that the aisles in all halls are kept clear and unblocked by packages or stand constructions as from 3.00 pm on 13 October 2020 so that the laying of aisle carpeting can begin.

Please keep the aisles clear during set-up! Material left lying around prevents service contractors from making on-time deliveries. Any stand materials that are the property of Frankfurter Buchmesse and which you do not need should be placed at the side of the hall from where it will be collected. Never block the path to fire extinguishers and hydrants.

There is an early access fee of 180 euros for one day (10 October 2019) or 765 euros for two to three days (starting from 08 or 09 October).

Vehicle access during set-up and dismantling

Messe Frankfurt's traffic routing system provides customers with optimised vehicle access routes during Frankfurter Buchmesse's set-up and dismantling periods. You can register in advance (starting in August) online and print out your confirmation of registration. Take this confirmation with you and follow the signposted route to check in. There you will receive your exhibition site access permit.

Please read the information on traffic regulations at the exhibition site.


    Start of dismantling

    Sunday, 18 October 2020
    approx. 6.30 pm

    The fair officially ends on Sunday, 18 October 2020, at 5.30 pm – all stands must be staffed until that time. Starting at 5.30 pm, the aisle carpeting in all halls will be removed.

    Access roads to the exhibition site will be closed starting from 2.00 pm on the last day of the fair, Sunday, 18 October 2020

    Dismantling of stands and the delivery of packing materials are not permitted before the official end of the Fair at 5.30 pm on Sunday. Vehicles have access to the exhibition site from 7.00 pm on Sunday, after which the halls and the site are open for dismantling. Exhibitors with system stands must ensure their stands are completely empty by Sunday evening, 18 October 2020, at the latest. On Monday, the cleaning staff will empty and dispose of any remaining contents and the stands will be dismantled. Custom-built stands must be dismantled and the floor space completely cleared by Monday at midnight. Exhibitors with custom-built stands are responsible for the security and supervision of their stands and exhibits if they choose to wait until Monday to dismantle. Frankfurter Buchmesse assumes no liability for materials not removed on time.

    Please do not lock the telephones away after the end of the event, but keep them ready for collection!

    Early dismantling

    It is not just unfair to colleagues, but also violates the Terms & Conditions of Participation to clear, dismantle or leave your stand before the official close of the fair on Sunday, 18 October 2020, at 5.30 pm. Early abandonment, clearing or dismantling of stands will therefore result in a fine.

    If early departure is unavoidable, you may hire a multilingual temp worker for around 190 euros plus VAT per day to supervise your stand.

    Service contractors

    Early access

    If you would like early access to your stand before the official start of the fair (starting Sunday, 11 October 2020) to set up your stand or deliver stand materials, please apply for "Early access".

    Extended dismantling

    Extended dismantling until Tuesday, 20 October 2020, is only possible for exhibitors with custom-built stands of 40 sqm or larger with special written approval from Frankfurter Buchmesse, depending on the availability of the respective hall (please apply by sending the name of your company, stand number and requested date by 1 August 2020 to

    A flat fee of 765 euros for extended dismantling will only be charged if the extension has not been applied for and invoiced at the same time as application for early set-up.

    Custom-built stands

    Approval must be given for all custom-built stands. A request for authorisation must be re-submitted each year by 1 August (no special application forms required).
    Messe Frankfurt may need to reassess the plans or inspect the completed stand. Any additional costs arising from this will be billed to the exhibitor or the exhibitor's stand constructor. 

    Waste disposal

    We kindly ask you to handle waste responsibly.

    Waste disposal during the fair is included in the daily cleaning. During set-up and dismantling, however, you or your stand builder are responsible for disposing of the waste generated at your stand.

    If you wish to dispose of large quantities of waste directly on the exhibition grounds, please order the necessary waste containers from Messe Frankfurt at a charge. Waste consultants will be available to assist you during set-up and dismantling. They regularly walk through the halls and can be contacted at any time.

    For smaller quantities of waste during the fair and especially during dismantling: Please place your paper waste (incl. cardboard boxes) separate from the rest of the waste at your stand after the end of the fair. On early Monday morning (19 October 2020) the paper waste will be collected first.

    By separating waste into recyclables and residual waste, you contribute to protecting our environment. Without waste separation, recycling cannot take place and recycling cycles cannot be closed.

    Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH
    Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
    60327 Frankfurt am Main
    Phone: +49 (0) 69 7575-6911

    Service contractors

    From forwarding agents to interpreters

    You as an exhibitor need professional services to make the most of your attendance at the fair. A list of service contractors makes it easy to find the right contacts. Please bear in mind that these service companies operate independently of Frankfurter Buchmesse. The handling of orders and payment must be negotiated with the relevant company directly.

    Service contractors

    Tickets / Entry passes

    Set-up and dismantling passes

    During the set-up and dismantling period, the fairgrounds can only be entered with a valid pass.

    Please note that these passes are only intended for exhibitors during set-up and dismantling of stands and that they are not transferable.

    Starting from Sunday, 11 October 2020, exhibitor passes will also be accepted. If you need more set-up and dismantling passes for your stand personnel or service providers, you or the ticketmanager you mentioned can create them yourself using the new exhibitor ticketing portal.

    If you happen to forget or lose your pass during set-up, you can get a new set-up/dismantling pass at the service desks at all open entrances of Frankfurter Buchmesse. To reduce the risk of theft in the halls, you are requested to refrain from giving either exhibitor passes or set-up and dismantling passes to third parties.

    Please complete all passes in block capitals (name of the pass-holder and of the respective exhibiting company). Clear plastic holders for the passes are available at the information desk in Hall 4.C and as well as at the entrances.

    Exhibitor and LitAg Ticket Portal

    The ticket portals will be available from July 2020.

    The Exhibitors or LitAg ticket portal is the online ticket access point for exhibitors and literary agents. Ticket managers and literary agents allocate and manage all tickets via the online portal. Fair tickets and passes: ticket managers and literary agents can also create trade fair tickets for their customers via the portal. A practical invitation function is available for this purpose: visitors a sent a direct link to their online ticket by e-mail. This also applies to the visitors who want to invite agents and scouts to the Publishers Rights Corner on Tuesday.

    With the Ticket Portal, ticket managers and literary agents can easily and quickly create, manage and send:

    •  Exhibitor passes

    • Passes for set-up and dismantling

    • Trade visitor and general public tickets

    • LitAg- and Tuesday-Tickets for literary agents and scouts

    Simple, fast, and efficient: using the online portal, ticket managers and literary agents can create and manage all fair tickets and passes – around the clock.

    Benefit from the many advantages:

    • Universal: a central online portal for all tickets.

    • Digital: no more annoying paperwork.

    • Simple: create and manage your tickets with just a few clicks or swipes.

    • Flexible: the ticket portal is available around the clock.

    • Convenient: if you lose your redeemed ticket, you can easily reissue it as a PDF document.

    • Clear: thanks to the improved user guidance, using the ticket portal is easy and intuitive.

    • Stable: higher stability and compatibility of the program through optimised technology.

    • Safe: your personal data is safe with us and will not be passed on to third parties.

    • Fast: Once you have registered at My Book Fair, you can manage your tickets at future fairs quicker than ever.

    If you have any questions about registration, please call your Frankfurter Buchmesse team at + 49 (0) 69 7575 5151 or write an e-mail.

    More information

    Exhibitor passes

    Exhibitor passes entitle you to enter Frankfurter Buchmesse from 11 to 19 October 2020. They can also be used as tickets for travel to and from the fair on the local public transport network (RMV).

    Free pass allotments are determined based on the size of your stand.

    4 sqm stand: 2 passes
    8 sqm stand: 3 passes
    12 sqm stand: 4 passes
    16 sqm stand: 5 passes
    20 sqm stand: 6 passes

    Stands of over 20 sqm are allocated two more passes for every additional 10 sqm. (For example: 30 sqm: 6 + 2 = 8 passes)

    For national stands, the same applies with the following exception:

    Stands of over 20 sqm are allocated one more pass for every additional 10 sqm. (For example: 30 sqm: 6 + 1 = 7 passes)

    For each registered co-exhibitor, you will be sent an additional exhibitor pass (not valid for country exhibitions). Please provide these passes to your co-exhibitors. If you need to access the exhibition site before 12 October 2020, please use a set-up and dismantling pass.

    Tickets for visitors

    You can use the new exhibitor respectively LitAg ticketing portal (starting 18 June 2020) to independently generate tickets for your visitors (trade visitors and private visitors or Tuesday Ticket). There you'll find an easy-to-use invitation tool for sending out invitations to the fair for your customers. You can provide them with ticket links or codes directly from the portal.
    For more information, please also see the section "Exhibitor and LitAg ticketing portal".

    The trade visitors that you invite must register on My Book Fair to convert a ticket link or code into a valid ticket. Private visitors can convert a ticket link or code using the ticket shop. 

    More information

    Energy consumption

    Optimization of energy consumption

    For the sake of the environment we continuously invest in the optimization of energy consumption in our halls. Please do support us!

    / For safety and fire protection reasons it is necessary that all devices that consume electricity be turned off at the end of every event day when leaving the stand.

    / Exception: Emergency lighting, all systems pertaining to safety, refrigerators, computers and servers that are required for stand equipment and which would require a great deal of time/effort to be restarted.

    / The exhibitor shall be responsible for any damages arising from non-compliance with the obligation to turn off such equipment.

    / Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH reserves the right to cut off all electricity to the stand in the event of non-compliance. However, Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH shall not be liable for any damages arising from cutting off the electricity supply.

    Thank you very much.


    The new exhibitor ticket portal.

    Benefit from the new digital possibilities of exhibitor ticketing. Using the exhibitor ticket portal, you can create, manage and send your tickets with just a few clicks. It's easy to invite trade or private visitors, as well as to quickly and simply allocate your exhibitor passes or passes for set-up and dismantling.

    Logistics and traffic

    Delivery and Interim vehicle access

    Items for your exhibition can be delivered to your stand by a forwarding agent, courier or postal service only during the times given above. Please arrange delivery times directly with the shipping company, so that you are at your stand to receive the delivery.

    All deliveries to your stand must be clearly addressed as follows:

    Your exhibitor name, hall and stand number

    Frankfurter Buchmesse

    Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
    60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    Please do not under any circumstances address your items to the office address of Frankfurter Buchmesse!

    For deliveries during the fair, interim access permits are available for delivery vehicles (except on Sunday, 18 October 2020) between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm: Drivers must provide a 100 euros deposit at the entry gates to receive an interim access pass that is valid for two hours only.

    Please use the following gates for interim access: for Hall 3 use gate Ost or Süd; and for Halls 4, 5 and 6 use gate Nord or Süd. If the pass is returned to the same gate within two hours, the deposit will be returned.

    Interim access is not available on the last day of the fair (18 October 2020).


    An order form for parking permits can be downloaded. It is advisable to order parking spaces as early as possible.

    to order form

    Customs and shipping

    The process of gaining customs clearance for your exhibits can be organised by various shipping companies using different approaches. We recommend working with a shipping company that has experience with the fair in Frankfurt.
    It is important to ensure that your shipments are addressed directly to Messe Frankfurt (Messe Frankfurt GmbH, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main + your hall and stand number), so that the clearance process falls under the responsibility of the fair's Customs Office, thus minimising any clearance issues.

    The official forwarding agent of Frankfurter Buchmesse is Panalpina Welttransport (Deutschland) GmbH whose address you can find at our service contractors page.
    Panalpina will send the necessary documents on request. The international subsidiaries of Panalpina prepare group shipments to Frankfurt from several countries.
    If you are interested, please get in touch with the companies listed by Panalpina in their information packages. As it is in your own interest to ensure that transport goes smoothly, please follow their instructions to the letter – if only to avoid problems with strict customs controls for trade fair goods.

    Of course, you can also use your own trusted forwarding company for your transport needs. Consignments which an outside forwarder cannot deliver directly to the stand will be transferred to Panalpina. The exhibitor will incur charges for final delivery to the stand by Panalpina (see: Deliveries).

    Customs clearance of items sent through the post is complicated and we strongly advise against using postal services. If postal dispatch is unavoidable, please send a pro forma invoice to your forwarding agent stating the total number of parcels, so that the agent can clear your parcels at the postal customs office and store them until the book fair.
    However, this is only possible if they have the proper postage. This also applies to express rail consignments. Items without proper postage will not be delivered by the freight forwarding agents. Urgent overseas parcels are best sent by air freight.

    Please note that there are special rates for books.

    Service contractors

    Traffic at the exhibition site

    Please read the information on traffic regulations at the exhibition site.


    Emergency numbers

    In case of an emergency, please call one of the following numbers:

    / Police: 110 Messewache, Hall 4.1 South/West, Phone: +49 (0)69 7575-6555

    / Fire brigade: 112 Hall 4.0 South/West, Phone: +49 (0)69 7575-6550

    / First Aid: 112 Hall 4.0 South/West, Phone: +49 (0)69 7575-6500

    / Security: Phone: +49 (0)69 7575-3333

    Please print out the emergency calling card with these numbers.



    Unfortunately, at a major event like the Frankfurter Buchmesse, theft is always an option. We owe the fact that we had fewer thefts in 2019 than in 2018 to our security service, the police and last but not least your help.

    In order to have a safe and preferably theft-free book fair in 2020 as well, please note the following:

    / The halls cannot be guarded area-wide and the doors cannot be locked at night. Escape doors must be freely accessible and unlocked day and night.

    / Make sure that your stand is never left unattended. If necessary, ask your neighbour to observe the stand if you ever leave it.

    / Theft must always be reported to the police and your insurance company as soon as possible.

    / We recommend highly valuable exhibits or technical equipment to be guarded overnight (see “stand guard” on our service contractor's page). Smaller electronic devices (telephones, routers, etc.) that can’t be locked or securely attached to the stand should be stowed away and locked up in the evening. You can buy suitable locks for the bench cabinets that come with the System Stand at the service counter in Hall 4.C.

    / In the hectic of construction and dismantling, thieves have it particularly easy. Therefore, please ensure that your exhibition possessions and the rented stand equipment are guarded from the time of delivery until pick-up. Leave one of your staff at the stand until collection – you may lose insurance coverage if your property is not properly guarded until your forwarding agent accepts it.

    / We recommend that you insure your exhibition goods (see "insurance" on our service contractor's page)

    Service contractors

    Fire extinguishers

    Every stand up to 200 sqm in size must be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher. For every additional 200 sqm, an additional fire extinguisher must be kept on hand.

    Service contractors

    House rules

    The House Rules of Frankfurter Buchmesse must be observed during the fair.

    Important security info

    To ensure that the proper measures can be taken immediately in case of a pending external danger to the book fair or its participants, we have provided a safety information sheet for you.

    We ask that you read this carefully and pass it on to your staff at the stand. As the organiser, we have enacted extensive security measures, but safety cannot be assured without your help. Please follow our directions and be very careful with regard to the security and monitoring of your stand.

    Stand security

    Stand security guards must be hired through Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH. For security reasons, no other companies are allowed on site after 7.00 pm and before 8.00 am.

    Contact and order form can be found on our service contractors page.

    Service contractors

    Insurance for exhibits and stand equipment

    Application forms for transport insurance and against theft of exhibit items can be downloaded at our service constractors page. Please remember to insure rented stand equipment as well as furniture, electrical appliances, telephones, etc. if the rental company does not do so automatically. This does not apply to Frankfurter Buchmesse stand material.

    Note: Insurance coverage is generally only valid upon receipt of premiums by the insurer.

    We recommend that you arrange a security guard for your stand if you have valuable exhibits or technical equipment (see: Stand security).

    Service contractors

    Use of electrical equipment (information from Messe Frankfurt)

    For the sake of the environment we continuously invest in the optimization of energy consumption in
    our halls. Please do support us!
    - For safety and fire protection reasons it is necessary that all devices that consume electricity be
    turned off at the end of every event day when leaving the stand.
    - Exception: Emergency lighting, all systems pertaining to safety, refrigerators, computers and
    servers that are required for stand equipment and which would require a great deal of time/effort
    to be restarted.
    - The exhibitor shall be responsible for any damages arising from non-compliance with the
    obligation to turn off such equipment.
    - Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH reserves the right to cut off all electricity to the stand in the event
    of non-compliance. However, Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH shall not be liable for any damages
    arising from cutting off the electricity supply.

    Stand construction

    Ceiling suspensions

    Any planned suspension from the ceiling is subject to prior approval. Please submit a request for approval to the organiser together with your stand plans. You must commission ceiling suspension work separately, and all related work must be carried out by the organiser’s contractor.

    Contact and order forms can be found on our service contractors page.

    Service contractors

    Individual & Unique

    Put your brand and products in the spotlight: Need a solution that fits your unique needs and budget? Let us design a customised System stand Deluxe that’s “Individual & Unique”.

    More information

    Elements & Extras

    Order equipment that perfectly fit your needs for your System stand: Furniture & Light and Elements & Extras.

    More information

    Custom-built stands

    Approval must be given for all custom-built stands. Each year, a new application for approval must be made as a formless written request. Messe Frankfurt may need to reassess the plans or inspect the completed stand.

    Any additional costs arising from this will be billed to the exhibitor or the exhibitor's stand constructor.

    Closed stand walls

    In the interest of exhibitors opposite your stand, it is not allowed to build a completely closed-off wall if your stand straddles two aisles and is 4 metres wide or more. At least 50 per cent of a wall that faces a gangway must be kept open.

    Furniture packages

    The "Furniture & Light" package for system stands are usually ordered when you register your fair stand. If you haven’t placed an order yet, please do so now by sending us Form S from the Registration Set via e-mail to your personal contact at Frankfurter Buchmesse. If you need additional items of furniture, these can be ordered through the relevant service contractor before or during the fair.

    Contact and order form can be found on our service contractors page.

    Service contractors

    Bench cabinets

    The price of a Frankfurter Buchmesse System stand includes one bench cabinet for every metre of the rear wall. At the information counters in Hall 4.C, locks are available for your bench cabinets for 49 euros each.

    Exhibitors with System stands must ensure the bench cabinets are emptied of all contents on Sunday, 18 October 2020. On Monday, 19 October 2020, the cleaning staff will empty the bench cabinets and dispose of the remaining contents.

    Stand signs

    Frankfurter Buchmesse's system stands come equipped with a basic signboard in a standard size (970 mm length, 205 mm width). The stand nameplate is inscribed with your company name and location, according to your catalogue entry, (e.g. "Edition Hans Müller, Berlin") and will be fastened onto the wall with the "S" hooks. This way, it can be hung up and taken down easily.

    Custom-built stand signs must be produced at the exhibitor’s expense and must not result in any damage to Frankfurter Buchmesse's System stand modules.

    Stand heights

    The standard stand height is 2.50 m. If you wish to go higher, you will need official permission and we must ask you to submit a new informal application every year. The exhibitor is responsible for the structural safety of the stand.

    Stand structures of more than 4 m in height are subject to a handling fee (see Registration Set: Price List). In such cases, the plans must be submitted for appraisal, and on completion the stand must be approved by Messe Frankfurt’s engineer. Any additional costs arising from this will be billed to the exhibitor or the exhibitor's stand constructor. 

    Each customised stand is subject to approval. A request for authorisation must be re-submitted each year by 1 August (no special application forms required).

    For Custom-built stands taller than 2.50 m or larger than 40 sqm, you must submit: your stand layout, floor plan, section and lateral view with all measurements clearly labelled (exterior dimensions of the stand and total height incl. ceiling suspensions).
    For Custom-built stands shorter than 2.50 m and smaller than 40 sqm, you must submit: a floor plan with exterior dimensions of the stand clearly labelled.

    Maximum stand heights (incl. floors, platforms, decoration and advertising fixtures) vary from hall to hall:
    Halls 4.1, 4.2, 6.1 and 6.2: max. 4 m; Halls 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0: max. 5 m.

    System stand

    Frankfurter Buchmesse's system stands include four bookshelves per metre of wall. You will find the shelves at your stand before the fair begins. They are easy to attach according to need. Surplus shelves can be deposited in a metal container at the side of your hall.

    You can also get extra shelves from there as needed. A map with the location can be found at the entrance of the fair hall.

    Please do not store extra shelves inside your bench cabinets. Please understand that we cannot pre-clean the shelves. Due to the dust caused by setting up stands, shelves will always need to be cleaned after installation.
    Pre-cleaning is, therefore, redundant and would cause unnecessary waste.


    A list of service contractors from which you can order computer equipment is available at our service contractors page. For information on internet connections see: Telecommunications. Your order, its execution and payment will be handled by the respective company directly.

    Electricity is automatically provided with System stands. You only have to order lighting appliances. If you have ordered one of the “Furniture & Light” packages for your stand, it includes the appropriate number of wide-angle LED spotlights. One 1 kW socket per stand is installed directly at the power rail on the ceiling grid. All other services such as installation or wiring and additional kW must be ordered from the contract electrician (Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH, Service & Technik) and be paid for separately.

    If you have a custom-built stand, please send a plan of your stand to Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH, Service & Technik, showing the position of your switch box. Any electrical installations not installed by Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH, Service & Technik, must at least be inspected by Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH prior to connection to the power grid (see para. 4.3 of the Technical Regulations).

    When using low voltage appliances, please ensure compliance with the Technical Regulations as enclosed with the order form for electricity connection and supply.

    Service contractors

    Lagerung am Stand

    Eine Lagerung von brennbarem Material am Stand über die Ausstellungsstücke hinaus ist aus Brandschutzgründen nur sehr eingeschränkt möglich.

    Die Lagerung von Leergut jeglicher Art (z. B. Verpackungen und Packmittel) an den Ständen und außerhalb des Standes in der Halle ist verboten.

    Für Bücher, Prospekte und sonstiges brennbares Werbematerial umfasst die erlaubte Lagermenge den Tagesbedarf eines Standes: Eine Menge, die dem Volumen einer normal beladenen Europalette entspricht, darf nicht überschritten werden, unabhängig von der Größe des Standes. Mit „normal beladen“ ist die Grundfläche einer Palette (1,20 m × 0,80 m) und eine Höhenbeladung von max. 2,00 m gemeint.

    Alle weiteren Bestände sowie das Verpackungsmaterial müssen außerhalb des Standes und der Halle gelagert werden. Sie können z. B. bei einer Spedition auf dem Messegelände eingelagert und bei Bedarf an den Stand geliefert werden. Die Anlieferung von Paletten während des Messebetriebs erfolgt ausschließlich außerhalb der Veranstaltungszeit: täglich vor Messebeginn zwischen 6.00 und 9.00 Uhr und abends zwischen 18.30 und 21.00 Uhr.

    Die Aussteller sind frei in der Wahl des Dienstleisters. Lagermöglichkeiten direkt auf dem Messegelände bieten die Panalpina Welttransport (Deutschland) GmbH (Speditionspartner der Frankfurter Buchmesse) und das Cargo Center der Messe Frankfurt. Panalpina kann jedem Aussteller auf Anfrage ein individuelles Angebot erstellen. Zusätzlich zur üblichen Zwischenlagerung und Lieferung an den Stand bietet das Unternehmen auch Kommissionierung einzelner Artikel auf Abruf und tägliche Lieferung für Veranstaltungen an. Aussteller sollten sich spätestens vier Wochen vor Messebeginn direkt an Panalpina wenden.

    Zum Kontakt
    Newcomer 2018 Header

    Tips and tricks for all exhibitors.

    For newcomers to the Frankfurter Buchmesse, but also for experts of the scene, we have put together a guide that makes your days at the fair easier.

    Preparation & Implementation

    Book sales

    Since 2019,  books can be sold to the general public on both days, Saturday and Sunday and during events. In accordance with German price maintenance laws, sales to the general public must be at the official retail price.

    At Rare Books & Fine Art Frankfurt, the sale of antique/collectible books (not subject to retail price regulations) is permitted on all days of the fair. If you want to give customers books as gifts, please mark them as such (e.g. company stamp or inserted business card).

    Please see the following exhibitor's information for more details.


    Information and contacts can be found on our service contractors page.

    Service contractors


    Put your authors, receptions and panels on the big stage. This year eleven stages will be available. Book your slot today: first come, first served!

    Reserve your stage slot

    Conference rooms

    Exhibitors can rent additional meeting and conference rooms directly from the Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH – subject to availability. Contact can be found on our service contractors page.

    Service contractors


    Companies that can provide support staff for your stand can be found at our service contractors page.

    Service contractors

    Opening hours

    The book fair is open from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm all week except for Sunday, 18 October 2020, when it closes at 5.30 pm. Only exhibitors and registered trade visitors are able to visit the fair from Wednesday to Friday.

    Frankfurter Buchmesse closes for visitors at 18.30 pm (on Sunday, October 2020, at 5.30 pm). Exhibitors are requested to leave the fair by 7.30 pm. Please note, that the security policy of the fair requires all people – apart from the police and security guards – must leave the exhibition site by 8.00 pm at the latest.


    On the Tuesday evening before the fair, all halls including the stands will be thoroughly cleaned. The protective films will be removed from the carpets, the carpets hoovered, all clear horizontal surfaces wiped, and the waste baskets emptied. Furthermore, the environment and energy surcharge includes daily basic cleaning (hoovering the carpet, wiping all clear horizontal surfaces, and emptying the waste basket).

    If you have additional requests for extra cleaning services, please contact Messe Frankfurt cleaning services. Contact can be found on our service contractors page.

    These additional cleaning services will be charged separately by the cleaning company and will have to be paid by the exhibitor directly. Please put discarded glass items together in front of your stand in the evening. These will be collected separately.

    Service contractors


    Book a table for your business lunch at one of the many restaurants at the exhibition site.

    We particularly recommend the exhibitors’ restaurant Italia (Hall 4.2 East) which is reserved exclusively for use by exhibitors and their guests (entry only with an exhibitor pass). Opening hours: 14 to 16 October 2020, 11.30 am to 3.00 pm. Please note that the restaurant is closed on the weekend.

    Please make reservations in service restaurants by E-mail. Contact can be found on our service contractors page.

    Service contractors


    FAIRSHOP – Shopping trends in the foyer of Hall 4.1

    In this shop, you’ll find book fair merchandise and items from recent fairs. Find something useful, beautiful, trendy or classic, whether it’s high-quality or inexpensive. Get something for travel, the office, your home or loved ones, as well as items for play, to wear, for living or for writing. Much of it is “Made in Germany” using sustainable production methods. Trends for sale – so head over to the shop!

    A large selection of useful and beautiful products is also available in the supermarkets and minimarkets on the exhibition site. The "supermarkets" on the Messe Frankfurt fairgrounds are also open during the set-up days starting on Monday, 12 October 2020. They offer tools and hardware, food, drinks and more.

    Further information and contact can be found on our service contractors page.

    Service contractors

    Events at your stand

    Stand parties are a great way to draw attention to your stand, your products and to show your customers your appreciation. There are just some things we'd like you to consider and some rules to go by to make it a memorable event - in a purely good way.

    Please note that for events on stands using microphones and speakers, it is not permitted to exceed the upper volume Limit of 70 dBA (decibels). Sound level readings will be carried out in the halls!

    Please check out more in the following instructions and in our house rules.


    Exhibitors and trade visitors can access complimentary WIFI in all foyers, passageways, Via Mobile areas and at the Agora. There are also clearly identified WIFI areas within the cafés in the halls. The complimentary WIFI is suitable for visiting websites and for sending and receiving occasional E-mails.

    It is not suited to VPN connections, VoIP calls or online presentations.

    You'll find more locations to access free WIFI in the link on your exhibitor's pass.

    If you need WIFI at your stand, you can order it from our service contractors page.

    Service contractors

    Promotion Package

    Digital promotional material

    Here you can order your free promotional materials, promotional materials with printing and vouchers. 

    Am Riederbruch 7
    60386 Frankfurt am Main

    T +49 (0) 69 61 999-244
    F +49 (0) 69 61 999-212


    Order your promotion package free of charge

    Technical regulations

    Technical regulations

    At our Terms & Conditions page you will find all the relevant technical regulations for your attendance.

    Terms of payment

    International exhibitors can save on German VAT

    Under certain conditions, Frankfurter Buchmesse may issue invoices to exhibitors from abroad without VAT:
    Changes in German tax law applying to VAT for trade fair services, which came into effect on 1 January 2011, mean that recipients of services based outside Germany may receive invoices that do not include VAT, provided they submit evidence of the nature of their business in good time for us to assess.

    Exhibitors based in EU member states can enter their VAT number (sales tax ID number) on their registration form. If you did not do this, please use the tax status disclosure form below to send us the information now. After the appropriate checks, we will then send you our invoices without VAT.

    For exhibitors from non-EU countries we require evidence of the nature of your business issued by the relevant authority. Ideally you should submit this together with your registration, or you can send it soon after to, together with the tax status disclosure form below. If we already received these documents from you for assessment last year, we will now send you your invoices accordingly. If your address and company registration remain unchanged, you do not need to re-submit this information.

    Bank transfer

    If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please direct your transfer to one of the following accounts:

    Commerzbank AG
    Frankfurt am Main

    Account no.: 901 891 00
    Bank code: 500 800 00
    IBAN: DE 96 5008 0000 00 901 891 00

    Postbank Frankfurt am Main

    Account no.: 1021-601
    Bank code: 500 100 60
    IBAN: DE 21 5001 0060 0001 0216 01

    Frankfurter Sparkasse

    Account no.: 200452819
    Bank code: 500 502 01
    IBAN: DE 73 5005 0201 0200 4528 19
    SWIFT- Code/BIC: HELADEF1822

    Beneficiary: Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH

    Payments must be in Euros.
    Any bank fees shall be charged to the transferrer.


    Exhibitors can have their invoices collected through BAG. Please fill out the form below and send it back to us. We do not need this form if you have already arranged a BAG payment with us.

    SEPA direct debit

    Exhibitors can pay via direct debit. Please fill out the form below and send it back to us. We do not need this form if you are already paying via direct debit.

    Online payment via credit card

    Pay online with our new payment module! You have the option to pay your outstanding balance online with your credit card. After registering, you can pay via credit card using a valid customer and invoice number.

    Payment module

    Our tip

    If you have any further questions, please ask.

    Give us a call or drop us a line. We will be happy to help you.

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