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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Due to the current situation, there are separate FAQs for the Special Edition of this year's Frankfurter Buchmesse. If you have specific questions about the participation as a digital exhibitor and related digital presentation options, please check out the corresponding FAQ.

Fair Preparation

What do I need to consider to prepare for my Frankfurter Buchmesse appearance?

We provide you with the most important information to ensure that everything goes well – whether it's planning, setting up your stand or getting the most out of your time at the fair.

Fair Preparation from A to Z


Is it allowed to sell books at the fair?

At Frankfurter Buchmesse, sales are generally only permitted to booksellers. Exhibitors can sell books and publishing products at the suggested retail prices to the general public at events and during the last two days of the fair (Saturday and Sunday). Buyers must receive a receipt, card, etc. to prove to security that the books have been purchased.

How can I promote my events?

Entries in the Calendar of Events are free of charge for all exhibitors at Frankfurter Buchmesse. The only requirement is registration at the My Book Fair with the e-mail address provided at the Book Fair. You can request them at You can create as many events as you like and share them via social media, for example.


Where can visitors park?

Rebstock multi-storey car park, Am Römerhof, with direct access from the Frankfurt West motorway exit and free shuttle bus connection to the Hall 10 entrance and Hall 3 East entrance. From the city centre via Theodor-Heuss-Allee to the Katharinenkreisel (formerly Opel-Rondell). Day ticket: 14 Euro. The car park ticket office is open daily until about 8 p.m., the automatic pay stations are accessible around the clock.

Information for visitors with disabilities

Wheelchair users and persons who need an accompanying person (feature B on the disability pass) can come to the exhibition centre free of charge on all days of the fair from 9.00 a.m. onwards. If you would like complimentary tickets, please e-mail us a scanned copy of your disability ID ( and let us know on which days you will visit the fair and whether or not someone will be accompanying you.

Disabled persons without the "B" mark on the disability pass with a degree of disability of at least 50% receive a reduced ticket. Discounted tickets are available through our online shops for both trade and private visitors.

Handicapped unaccompanied persons with a degree of disability below 50% pay the normal entrance fees.

You will find all the information you need for a barrier-free visit to the Frankfurt exhibition grounds here.


Can I take cosplay weapons to the fair as part of my costume?

The trade fair police and the security service are responsible for the entry controls and thus also for the weapons controls of the cosplayers. Their instructions must be followed. Due to the general security situation, Frankfurter Buchmesse as organiser has a special duty of care towards all participants of this major event. Nevertheless, unlike other major events, there is no general ban on cosplay weapons at Frankfurter Buchmesse. However, these restrictions apply:

Entrances: Cosplayers can use almost all entrances (City, Torhaus (S-Bahn), CMF (revolving door), Hall 10 South (shuttle buses from Rebstock car park stop here)). At the entrances mentioned there are special cloakrooms for cosplayers, where unauthorized weapons are kept (see below).

Prohibition of all apparent weapons: These are objects that look deceptively similar to real weapons, especially functional firearms, e.g. softair weapons, dummies of all kinds, etc. These weapons must always be handed in at the entrances.

All cosplay weapons must be labelled: All licensed cosplay weapons receive an eye-catching sticker at the entrances from the staff, which must also be visible to trade fair visitors and security forces from a distance. This sticker may not be removed on the exhibition grounds.

Purchase of Cosplay weapons in the CosplayCorner: The labelling requirement also applies to newly acquired Cosplay weapons at the merchandise stands in Hall 1.1. If a weapon is sold by a dealer, the dealer informs the security service for the purpose of marking the weapon. If it is an apparent weapon, the buyer will be escorted by the security service to the City Cloakroom, where he must hand in the weapon at the cloakroom. The buyer will then have access to the exhibition grounds again.

Considering the general security situation, we ask for your understanding of these regulations. In addition to sorting out real weapons, it is also a matter of preventing a panic among visitors due to misunderstandings when carrying cosplay weapons.

LitAg (Literary Agents & Scouts Centre)

Admittance Information

The customers of the LitAg – Agents and Scouts – have scheduled many appointments in 30 minute blocks prior to the fair. They are used to the best possible service from the Book Fair and expect that these meetings will proceed uninterrupted.

In order to best accommodate this expectation, our staff will only admit visitors to the LitAg who can show proof of an appointment with an agent who has booked a table with us. “Proof” here means that we ask the visitor to show us the respective appointment on their calendar. We may also check our records to verify that the aforementioned agency exists and we may ask the visitor for the agency’s table number.

All visitors to the LitAg are subject to this procedure, as the sheer volume of daily appointments in the LitAg requires that we make no exceptions – even with visitors that are known to their industry-peers and big-name publishers.

We will try our best to ensure that there will be no wait times at the entrance to the LitAg, in order for the meetings to proceed smoothly and without delay.

We ask for your understanding and patience throughout this process.

We wish you a successful and pleasant visit to the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

Booking / confirmation / cancellation

Can I reserve slots on the stages if I‘m not an exhibitor?

Slots on the stages are exclusively reserved for exhibitors at Frankfurter Buchmesse.

Can I book a slot on a stage as a private individual or author?

No. If you as an author are interested in hosting an event on a stage, please contact your publisher, who must carry out the booking. Your publisher must also be an exhibitor at the fair.

How much do the stage slots cost?

The stage slots are priced according to the size of a stage and the equipment available, as well as space for the audience and the stage’s popularity on trade visitor days or the weekend. You can see the price categories for each slot in the reservation tool.

How can I host an event at the Frankfurt Pavilion?

Slots in the Frankfurt Pavilion are awarded as part of BOOKFEST and cannot be booked separately.
Apply for a slot in the Frankfurt Pavilion:
Submit your event idea by 30 April 2020 in our Call for Participation. As part of BOOKFEST 2020, you can promote your brand at the Frankfurt Pavilion with your advertising, products or services.

Submit your event idea

How long can I book a stage?

There is no deadline for booking stages. Slots are given out on a first-come-first-served basis.

When will I receive the confirmation of my reservation?

You will receive a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail immediately after your booking. The final confirmation of your order occurs shortly after review and complying with our contractual conditions, but at the latest, four weeks after the reservation. Frankfurter Buchmesse reserves the right to cancel or relocate booked slots when circumstances change, even if a confirmation of order has been issued. This applies in particular to changes to your slot in terms of time, location or content.

How can I rebook a slot?

It is possible to move a booked slot at any time – as long as there is still an open slot on the booked stage at the desired time and all conditions of contract are otherwise complied with. Please note: when you rebook to another stage or time, the price category of your slot can change.

How can I move my event to another stage?

Transferring a booked event to another stage is possible at any time – as long as slots are still available on the desired stage and all conditions of contract are otherwise complied with. Please note: when you rebook to another stage or time, the price category of your slot can change.

When do I have to pay?

You will receive an invoice before the start of Frankfurter Buchmesse, most likely in September.

What is the deadline for adding an event to the Calendar of Events?

The online Calendar of Events will be available for entry starting from beginning of August, changes and additions can still be made until starting of the fair.Please enter your event details as early as possible so that visitors can find your event by searching in our Calendar of Events.

Who in my company can enter information in the Calendar of Events?

Before the Calendar of Events is launched, all 2020 exhibitors will receive an e-mail with their log-in credentials. The e-mail is sent to the person listed as the “mailing contact” at your company, i.e. the person who registered your stand or collective stand. If you don’t know who this is, please contact our Service Center ( and ask the mailing contact person in your company for the log-in credentials.
It is also possible to transfer authorisation to make entries in the Calendar of Events to another person in your company. If this is desired, please contact our Service Center (


Why do I have to enter my events in the Calendar of Events in order to be included in the stage programme?

An extract from the Calendar of Events containing all event entries at the individual stages provides the basis for our preview of the stage programme. In order to appear in the programme, you must enter your event in the Calendar of Events by 30 September 2020 at the latest.  
Events that have not been entered by then can only be included in a rudimentary form (e.g. organiser and time) that does not give visitors a suitable preview of your event.


Why do I have to enter my event data (twice) in both the reservation tool and the Calendar of Events?

A booking entry for your slots must be completed in full in the reservation tool, and then it must be updated whenever changes are made, so that we can carry out a security check and issue invoices.
Unfortunately, an automatic transfer of this data into the Calendar of Events is not possible due to technical limitations, which means you have to make an additional entry in the Calendar of Events. This is the only way to have your event included in the stage programme.


What are the detailed contractual conditions for booking slots on the stages of Frankfurter Buchmesse?

The contractual conditions for the stages can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.

To the GTC

How can I cancel my event? What fees are incurred?

You can cancel your reservation yourself, signing in at the reservation tool.
In the event of a cancellation before 26 July, 2020 cancellation fees of 20 per cent will be charged, from 26 July, 2020, the cancellation fee is 100 per cent of the event price.

Go to Conditions of contract for the stages of Frankfurter Buchmesse

Stage equipment

What equipment will be provided for my event?

“Standard” stage equipment includes four chairs, two tables, a monitor on the stage wall and a digital programme totem.

If you want to order additional furniture, please contact: and please don´t forget to inform us about your extra order when filling in your event details in the reservation tool so that we can be prepared:

What technical equipment is provided for the stages?

Technical equipment includes a sound system with a mixing console, three wireless microphones, a headset microphone, a PC and a projector screen.
A technician will be on hand during the entire fair.

Who do we get in touch with if something is missing?

A technician is on site at all times and is happy to assist you. Should you require equipment not included in the existing stock, please order directly and in advance from our technical company AVMS GmbH.

If you would like to make changes to the equipment, please also inform us when you fill in your event details in the reservation tool so that we can be prepared:

AVMS contact details

Can we bring our own technicians?

A technician is on site at the stages at all times. Therefore, there is no need to bring your own technician. Should you nevertheless wish to do so, please let us know, so that we can clarify the details (use of existing technical equipment, etc.).

I would like to use the headset on stage. What do I have to do?

One headset is included in the standard stage equipment and for the large public stages. In order to use the headset, you must arrive at least 15 minutes early to your event and see the host or hostess there so that the headset can be fitted.
If you need any additional headsets, please contact our technical company AVMS GmbH.
Please do not forget to inform us of these extra headsets when you fill in your event details in the reservation tool.

AVMS contact details

By when do the details of the stage equipment and technical requirements need to be reported to Frankfurter Buchmesse?

We must receive the details for the event by 30 September 2020 at the latest. All details (number of tables, mikrophones etc.) can be entered in the reservation tool. Also you can change and add information there any time.

Filling in these details ensures that our hosts and hostesses, technicians and security staff can prepare themselves and ensure that the stage programmes run smoothly.

Can I book catering for my event?

Yes, you can. If you are interested in catering for your event, please contact one of our service providers.

In case you want to bring your own catering, you would be responsable for all organisation.

Please note that all traces of catering must be completely cleared away at the end of your event or by the beginning of the following event, so please book sufficient time for cleaning. Please do not forget to inform us about your catering plans when you fill in your event details in the reservation tool.


Catering service providers

Carrying out your event

Do I need fair tickets for everyone involved in my stage presentation?

Yes. This includes speakers, moderators, and authors, all of whom need a valid day pass for the fair.

Who will be my contact person from the fair?

Every stage has an info stand with a hostess who will receive you and your guests, answer your questions, help ensure adherence to specified time slots, and provide support while you set-up and clear the stage. A technician will be on hand during the entire fair.

Where do we sign in before our event slot?

Please go to the stage with all participants 15 minutes before the event and talk to someone from our team.

How much time do we have to set up or clear the stage before and after our event?

Please remember: The time slot that you have booked includes time for setting up and clearing the stage. That means your “net” stage time is about 10 minutes less than your booked slot. Please help us ensure that everything runs smoothly by sticking to your scheduled times and ending your presentation 5 minutes early! Our hosts and hostesses will help.

15 minutes are provided for the stages of the Gourmet Gallery (Show Kitchen and Gourmet & Travel Salon). We will ensure that the kitchen is cleaned and ready for your event.

What file formats, software and data carriers are permitted?

A technician will be on hand during the entire fair. Please present yourself to the host or hostess 15 minutes before the beginning of your event and hand over your presentation for the technician.
The technician’s laptop has the following software installed: MS Office, Flash, Acrobat Reader and Media Player.

Possible file formats include: MS Word, Excel, PDF, PPT, avi, mov, mp4, mp3, wav, JPG, tif;
The monitor will be an 80" - 85" LCD display with a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

You can bring your presentation on a USB stick or your own laptop and connect it via HDMI (picture) and if necessary 3.5mm mini plug (sound). If you want to connect a device with VGA port, iPad, iPhone or MacBook, please bring an appropriate adapter.

Do the stages have an internet connection?

Please note that there is no internet connection at the stages.

Is it possible to change clothes, do make-up, etc. at the stages? Is there a private area?

The stages do not have a cloakroom, backstage, changing room or similar.

We have an event on a weekday (Wednesday - Friday). Will that affect our audience?

From Wednesday to Friday, the fair is reserved exclusively for trade visitors. Trade visitors can enter the fair starting at 8.45 am.

Is it possible to book a moderator for our event?

If you need a moderator, we can help you through one of our partners.

Please contact us:

What do I need so that my event can be translated by an interpreter?

If you would like an event with simultaneous interpreting, please book a mobile interpreter system. Please contact our technical partner AVMS GmbH and do not forget to inform us of this.

Please note: Interpreting booths may not be set up. There is no room for an interpreter's booth on the stages.  
When filling in your event details in the reservation tool, please do not forget to inform us that you have ordered a mobile interpreting system.

Do you need an interpreter?

Here we have compiled a list for you.

AVMS contact details

Can I get on the fairground with the car? Where can I park?

Please find all information regarding parking on Fair Preparation A - Z

To the information

Events in the Gourmet Gallery

What to keep in mind at Gourmet & Travel Salon events

Eintagsküche, our culinary event specialist, is happy to provide support at your culinary events. Please contact Martin Schmidt:

If needed, the stage can include a small cooking module with a sink, two hot plates and a work surface. Please let the Eintagsküche know if you need a cooking module by mid-September.

What to keep in mind at Show Kitchen events

To ensure the overall programme runs smoothly, you can prepare main courses for up to 8 people, which is the maximum permitted amount at your event. Alternatively, you can split up the portions as 2 dishes for 4 people. Our team is happy to help you prepare and distribute a maximum of 50 sample servings. Please contact Martin Schmidt:

How to prepare for your cooking show in advance

You can use the back kitchen for an hour in advance of your event, under the supervision of the Eintagsküche. If you have any questions, please contact Martin Schmidt by mid-September:

Standard foods and supplies, like baking paper, paper towels, dish towels, spices, flour, noodles and rice are available. You need to bring any other food items with you. If you can’t go shopping for your cooking show, the Eintagsküche offers a shopping service for a fee.

How is the Show Kitchen equipped?

Our premium partner Miele will provide various devices in the Show Kitchen. 


How is the Back Kitchen equipped?

Equipment you might need for the preparation of your cooking show will be provided by Die Eintagsküche. A list of the equipment can be found here. Please send special requests within 4 weeks prior to your event to Martin Schmidt,




Advertising / book sales

What advertising options are available for our event?

You should absolutely use the Frankfurter Buchmesse Calendar of Events to advertise your event. As an exhibitor, you can enter events for free, but you must enter your event on your own (see questions referring to the Calendar of Events above).
Please click the button below for a range of further advertising options whether at the fair directly or through our various Frankfurter Buchmesse media channels.

Frankfurter Buchmesse does not advertise individual events, but certain events may be mentioned in our pre-fair communications.


Further advertising options

Can I sell books during a presentation?

Yes. Employees from your publishing house can sell books at their suggested retail price during your event. Please remember to bring the books to the place of the event at an appropriate time. In order to sell books, you need to bring a cash box with a sufficient amount of change, and you will need to provide stamped receipts.

Can we store books at the stage?

Unfortunately, there is no place to store books at the stages. You are responsible for finding a place to store your books.
Please contact Messe Frankfurt for details.

Go to Messe Frankfurt

Is it possible to extend my signing session in the signing box? Can I book a slot in the signing box without hosting an event first?

Please get in touch and we will check whether it is possible to extend your slot. If the author is very well known, we strongly encourage you to look into extending the signing box session, due to the possibility of large crowds. The signing box can also be reserved by our exhibitors for autograph sessions by authors without previous event on one of the Agora stages.

To reserve the signing box, please contact:

Author signing options

Where can author signing events take place and how much does it cost?

We have four author signing locations available in so-called signing boxes. You can book slots for your authors directly in the online reservation tool.

Details and prices can be found under the link.

How are the signing boxes equipped and what services do they include?

Each of the four signing boxes includes:
•    2 tables
•    3 chairs
•    Shelf for presenting books
•    Book stand
•    Small heater
•    Wastepaper basket
•    Extra waste container for empty boxes

Our service (included in the price)
•    Programme tables on the signing box
•    Individual signage for each slot (pavement display with author’s name and time)
•    Sign: “No more queueing, please”
•    Tensator rope barriers / crowd barriers
•    Hostess to manage visitor queues
•    Security staff on call
•    Price includes security costs



Are there other options for author signing sessions?

1.    Frankfurt Authors Signing Area: 2 lockable lecterns, 2 bar stools (prices the  same as signing boxes)
2.    Signing at the Open Air Stage (1 table, three chairs, hostess for visitor guidance  (as extension of an event, normal slot price)
3.    Signing at your own stand - please note the following instructions:

•    It is necessary to register the signing sessions including time and expected number of visitors. Please contact your customer service representative.
•    You are responsible for your own security (additional security personnel must be ordered and paid for by the exhibitor)
•    Visitor queues must be managed by the exhibitor / barriers etc. must be provided
•    The event must not disturb neighbouring stands!




Where can journalists park?

Journalists arriving by car can park free of charge at the Rebstock parking area. The fair's Rebstock car park has a direct access route from the Frankfurt West motorway exit (follow the signposted route or type "Messeparkhaus Rebstock" into your Sat Nav/GPS). There is a free transfer shuttle from Wednesday to Sunday that takes you directly to the Hall 3 entrance. The car park's pay station is manned until approx. 8.00 pm. Upon presentation of your press card, you will receive an exit ticket with which you can drive out free of charge. Attention: On Tuesday (opening day) this possibility is NOT available. The nearest paid parking possibility is in the hotels "Maritim" or "Marriot".

Does the press ticket allow free use of public transport?

No, the press ticket does not allow free use of public transport.

Where is the Press Centre?

In 2020, the Press Centre will be located in Hall 4.2. A press pass is requiered for entering the Press Centre.

How do I get to the Press Centre?

Please note: the press pass does not entitle the holder to use public transport for free.

By public transport:
From Frankfurt's central station, take line 16 (direction Ginnheim) or 17 (direction Rebstockbad), and get out at the fourth stop (Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage). Go in at the "City" entrance and follow signs for Congress Center Messe Frankfurt (CMF).

U-Bahn (metro):
From Frankfurt's central station, take the U4 (direction Bockenheimer Warte) and get out at the first stop (Festhalle/Messe). Go in at the "City" entrance and follow signs for Congress Center Messe Frankfurt (CMF).

By car:
As an accredited journalist or blogger, you can use the Rebstock car park free of charge from Wednesday until Sunday (address: Messeparkhaus Rebstock, Am Römerhof). The car park has a direct access route from the Frankfurt West motorway exit (follow the signs). The car park's pay station is manned until approx. 8.00 pm. Please show your press pass before leaving with your car.
There is a free transfer shuttle from Wednesday to Sunday that takes you directly to the Hall 3 entrance from the car park.
From there, you can take the shuttle to the last station "Festhalle/Congress Center Messe Frankfurt" (CMF).

What are the opening hours for the Press Centre?

Tuesday: 9.30 am - 7.00 pm
Wednesday - Saturday: 9.00 am - 6.30 pm
Sunday: 9.00 am - 5.30 pm

Where can I leave my luggage?

There are lockers in the Press Centre. Please leave large bags at the cloakroom. The nearest cloakroom can be found in the "Via Mobile" covered walkway in front of Hall 5.1. Media representatives can use the cloakrooms in every hall for free by showing their press pass.


How can I accredit myself as a journalist?

Accreditation can be obtained through our My Book Fair customer portal until Sunday of the Frankfurt Book Fair, 18 October 2020 12 PM. We will check and validate your credentials starting in August 2020. Please understand that this process might take a few days.

Please note: Because of security measures in place due to COVID-19, five-day press tickets will not be available in 2020. Journalists and bloggers wishing to enter the fair will require a new press ticket for each day. You can determine the days of your visit online and order your press tickets accordingly.

Please also note that this year, there will be no press accreditation available on site.

Are accredited journalists/bloggers allowed to bring along another person (such as a colleague) to the fair?

Accredited journalists/bloggers are NOT allowed to bring along additional people to the fair. Any further people need either their own ticket or a press pass to attend the fair.

How can I accredit myself as a blogger?

Accreditation can be obtained through our My Book Fair customer portal until Sunday of the Frankfurt Book Fair, 18 October 2020 12 PM. We will check and validate your credentials starting in August 2020. Please understand that this process might take a few days.

Please note: Because of security measures in place due to COVID-19, five-day press tickets will not be available in 2020. Journalists and bloggers wishing to enter the fair will require a new press ticket for each day. You can determine the days of your visit online and order your press tickets accordingly.

Please also note that this year, there will be no press accreditation available on site.

Where can I find the accreditation guidelines?

Details to our accreditation guidelines can be found here.

What should I take into consideration for the opening day (Tuesday)?

On Tuesday (opening day), you need a press pass to enter the Press Centre. Please get accredited online before arriving. This will help you avoid lines at the press counter at Via Mobile, in front of Hall 5.1 across from the cloakroom, which is the only counter open on Tuesday. Waiting times, however, are still possible due to security checks and procedures. Please ensure that your plans for the day take this potential delay into consideration.

Do press passes provide access to all events?

No. The opening ceremony of Frankfurter Buchmesse and certain other events require special accreditation. You can find an overview of press events here:


Where can I hold interviews in a quiet place?

From Wednesday to Friday, it is possible to book 30 or 60-minute slots in an interpreter's booth in the Press Centre where you can conduct an interview.

5.- € per 30 min.

The booth has enough space for two people. It is not suitable for interviews with several people or a TV crew.
On the Saturday and Sunday of the fair, a larger room will be available in place of the booth.

Journalists who book an interview slot can enter the Press Centre with their interviewee. Please arrive together at the CRM escalator on the second floor, which takes you to the 3rd floor, and tell the receptionist at the entry that you have booked a booth.

Please register via e-mail:

Opening hours Press Centre:
Tuesday: 9.30 am - 7.00 pm
Wednesday - Saturday: 9.00 am - 6.30 pm
Sunday: 9.00 am - 5.30 pm

Questions visitors

On which days is it possible to sell books at the fair?

In 2019, exhibitors may sell books and publishing products to the general public at events and on the last two days of the fair (Saturday and Sunday), subject to retail price fixing.

Why is it not possible to sell books every day of the fair?

Book sales are an offer made by exhibitors at the Frankfurter Buchmesse to their readers and are only available on public days (fair weekends).

Is the sale of books handled by a central trade fair bookstore?

As in the past, book sales will be handled by the exhibitors themselves and, if necessary, by participating dealers on Saturday and Sunday of the Book Fair.

Can I buy books from all publishers of the Frankfurter Buchmesse?

Readers can buy books from all publishers involved in book sales.

How can I find out in advance which publishers sell books and which do not?

Publishers participating in the extended book sale are not recorded centrally.

Will foreign publishers also sell books at the fair?

 Foreign publishers will partially participate in the extended book sale.

Can I buy books in German for the fair discount?

Publishing products with a fixed price may only be sold at a fixed retail price. Discounts and price reductions are not permitted. Add-ons must not exceed the low value range (2% of the fixed shop price). The admission price to the Book Fair may not be offset against the purchase price of the book. Defective copies must have a material defect that was not caused intentionally and must be clearly identified as such, only then are they not subject to fixed book prices.

Can I buy international books (= books not bound by price) at a fair discount?

International books are not subject to the fixed book prices applicable in Germany.

Is it possible to store my purchases at the fair (or do I have to carry them around with me until the end of the day)?

The shopping bags can be stored for a fee at the cloakrooms.

If you have any further questions, please ask.

Give us a call or drop us a line. We will be happy to help you.

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