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Against Oblivion - with Héctor Abad, Daniela Abad and Fernando Trueba

17 October 2020
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BOOKFEST digital

Conversation between Héctor Abad, author of “Oblivion”, a non fiction novel based on memories and experiences related to his father, his daughter Daniela who produced a documentary looking for testimonials and images related to her grandfather, and the Spanish filmmaker Fernando Trueba, who directed the feature film “Forgotten We’ll Be”, that was selected for the 2020 Cannes Film Festival and will premiere at San Sebastian. “Oblivion” is a tribute to a courageous human rights activist and defender of hygiene standards for the poor neighbourhoods, who refused to back off in public and was shot dead in 1987.
What is real and what is fiction when trying to represent reality faithfully?A comprehensive attempt to go through various real and artistic forms of one's own and another's experience.