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Amed Sherwan talks about his book »Kafir. Thank Allah I am an Atheist«


Amed Sherwan was born into a devout Muslim family in Iraqi Kurdistan. At the age of fourteen, he accidentally comes across a text critical of Islam. What frightens him as blasphemy at first soon appears more obvious to him than anything he has learned so far. But when he confides in his father, this turns out to be a big mistake: his
father reports his own son for blasphemy, Amed is arrested and tortured. After his release, he flees to Europe.
In his new home Germany, Amed fights for »Oriental Diversity« and the freedom of expression and belief. His provocative actions have earned him hostility from various sides, but also great solidarity. With humor and astonishing optimism, he tells the story of his childhood and youth – and of his life as a »refugee face« in Germany.