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The Arab World: There is a lot to discover. Fiction from the Arab World and how to get a better overview – with news from Publishing from Beirut

13 October 2020
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There is a lot to discover in the Arab World – some of the initiatives promoting authors and literature from the Arab World to the international publishing communities are well known, like the International Prize for Arab Fiction. The three exclusively produced videos shown in this session will highlight other initiatives in this field, i.e. Banipal – recipient of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Publishing in 2020 and the latest project “Arab Voices”. The third video will focus on the situation in crisis-ridden Beirut, we will hear from well-known publishers, how they deal with the difficult situation there.

Part 1: Arab Voices

Part 2: Banipal with Margaret Obank

Part  3: Our friends in Beirut, The impact of unprecedented challenges on Lebanon's publishing business.