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THE ARTS+ x Digital Cross Over: Driving Discoverability through Metadata: Panel

16 October 2020
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#fbm20 media library

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Part I: Panel discussion on Driving Discoverability through Metadata

Discoverability of content is a challenge across all creative industry sectors, especially in a digital world where the amount of available content is overwhelming. Metadata plays an important role in existing and future initiatives to give customers orientation and make content discoverable that might remain unseen otherwise. Open metadata standards enable all content producers - from small independent creators to large companies - to describe their products for better chances to be found and fulfilling customer needs. However, metadata standards must not only be established, but also find their way to channels where customers can discover the related content. This brings further challenges that will be discussed in our panel after initial insights into the current state of metadata driven discoverability by experts from different content sectors (publishing, games, music and audiovisual). They will show us similarities and differences as well as explore possibilities of cross-sectoral synergies. 

The project by the European Commission is being implemented by IMZ International Music + Media Centre, Ars Electronica, Börsenverein Group, Centrica and Izneo.

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