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Candice Carty-Williams and Sharmaine Lovegrove talk about "Queenie"

17 October 2020
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Queenie is a natural talent. At getting into trouble.
For example, in the newspaper editorial office, where she wastes her time instead of finally writing about the topics that are important to her: Black Lives Matter, feminism, mental health. Or with her well-behaved white boyfriend, who doesn't defend her against his ("He didn't mean it") racist uncle. When the relationship breaks up, Queenie seeks comfort in the digital dating hell and makes one wrong decision after another. The world watches her with satisfaction: can we expect anything else from young (black) women? Exactly. Only when it is almost too late does Queenie start asking herself the important questions: How can I make the world a better, fairer place? And make me a little happier in it?