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"Die drei Fragezeichen und die Welt der Hörspiele" - A conversation with C.R. Rodenwald


C.R. Rodenwald grew up in a small town in Hesse not far from Hollywood. One day he bought the cassette "Die drei ??? und der Super-Papagei", since then the series has more or less been part of his life. He was on a vain search for a book that dealt with the contents of the series. But that did not exist yet. So with "Die Welt der drei Fragezeichen" he simply wrote it himself. Since then he has been more passionate about "Die drei ???" than ever before. While his first book revolved around the origins and development of the book series, he is now devoting himself to the audio plays - and in doing so he uncovers equally interesting background information, facts and curiosities.