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The Hof

Educational technology – an amplifier of inequity?


Live music, great conversations, networking with peers and the occasional drink. The Hof is a unique digital experience recreating the excitement, insightfulness and connection happening at the hotel Frankfurter Hof, arguably the most popular gathering spot outside the fairground. 

On 6 October, Jannie Jeppesen will discuss the present and future of educational technology. Having spent more than two decades in the industry, Jannie is among the foremost experts on the digitalization of learning in Europe. Joining us live from Stockholm, Sweden, Jannie will discuss how 2020 has deepened the digital divide in education. She will deliver tangible takeaways for parents, leaders and educators alike on how to continue on a journey full of uncertainty. Lastly, she will discuss the latest trends in edtech innovation, leading into a new era for consumers and institutions

You can now register here (free of charge) for all editions of The Hof. We look forward to seeing you!