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Edward Snowden


At 29 years of age, Edward Snowden shocks the world: as a data specialist and secret keeper for the NSA and CIA, he uncovers that the US government secretly pursues the goal of monitoring every phone call, every text message and every email. The result would be an unprecedented system of mass surveillance that would illuminate the private life of every single person in the world. Edward Snowden makes a momentous decision: he makes the secret plans public. In doing so, he gives up his entire life so far. He knows that he may never see his family, his homeland and the woman he loves again.

A young man who grew up on the Net. Who becomes a spy, a whistleblower and finally the conscience of the Internet. Now Edward Snowden tells his story himself. Edward Snowden risked everything to expose the system of mass surveillance by the US government.

Now he is telling his story and will answer the questions of the audience live at Bookfest Digital.