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The Hof

Life of an agent: Hype, secrets & the post-covid book trade


Live music, great conversations, networking with peers and the occasional drink. The Hof is a unique digital experience recreating the excitement, insightfulness and connection happening at the hotel Frankfurter Hof, arguably the industry’s most popular gathering spot outside the fairground. Guest speakers join for short, inspirational interviews, followed by breakout sessions during which all participants can get to know each other and exchange ideas in smaller groups. 

This is our highly anticipated first session featuring Michael Gaeb, renown literary agent, representing international authors since 2003 with a focus on Latin America. We will discuss The Hof’s meaning for agents, how Covid-19 has transformed the international rights trade and the most important publishing trends for 2021.

The Hof is hosted by Felix Zeltner, an award-winning journalist, author and co-founder of Work Awesome.

Language: English, registration required

You can now register here for all sessions (free of charge). We look forward to seeing you!