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My Frankfurt Blues Edition

12 October 2020
Live now
The Hof

Live music, great conversations, networking with peers and the occasional drink. The Hof is a unique digital experience recreating the excitement, insightfulness and connection happening at the hotel Frankfurter Hof, arguably the most popular gathering spot outside the fairground. 

You can now register here (free of charge).

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Frankfurter Hof Authors' bar ("Autorenbar") on 12 October: Mix the current Frankfurter Hof Signature Cocktail - Butterfly Old Fashioned - together with the Frankfurter Hof's bartender Stefan Lange, who will share anecdotes about the bar and interesting stories about the Frankfurter Hof with you.

As a native of Berlin, Stefan René Lange has been part of the Steigenberger team since 2003, welcoming guests with unusual drinks and cocktails. Today he is responsible for the Authors' bar (Autorenbar) and room service in Frankfurt's last diva, the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof. After discovering his great passion for the bar and its culture, he became involved in numerous cocktail competitions and further education. Today he gives trainings and tastings for all those who want to experience a little journey into the world of pleasure and rituals around cognac, whiskey, rum, cocktails and cigars, true to Oscar Wilde's motto "I have the simplest tastes: I am always satisfied with the best". On request he will serve any classic with an original twist.

List of ingredients for the Signatur Cocktail Butterfly Old Fashioned:

  • Butterfly Pea Tea
  • Bourbon
  • Orange Bitter
  • Sugar syruop

Get ready for our The Hof sessions with the Wallpapers for the right The Hof atmosphere. Different images can be downloaded here for free.