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Tessloff and Stefan Heine present the Rätselküche

17 October 2020
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BOOKFEST digital

The Tessloff Special Edition of the Rätselküche with Germany's most famous puzzle creator Stefan Heine as host.
Nearly 50 million people in this country regularly solve puzzles, making Germany the land of puzzlers and guessers! Lean back, guess, and be a smartass on your cozy couch - anything quizzes can do, puzzles can do better.
Our guests are:
AI-Scientist Jaromir Konecny, author of the new reading adventure „Datendetektive“
Singer/songwriter Peter Schilling, who had the idea for children's book series „Der kleine Major Tom“
Futurologist Dr. Bernd Flessner, who became its author
Neuroscientists Prof. Dr. Michael Madeja, author of „Warum Graue Zellen auch mal Rosa sind“
Space expert Dr. Volker Kratzenberg-Annies from the German Aerospace Center