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The Testimony in Salted Rain

18 October 2020
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In the period of the White Terror of Taiwan (1949-1991), Green Island was used to be the prison for political criminals. The protagonist, Tsai Kun-Lin was arrested and had been jailed for 10 years due to political persecution. Green islanders call dense fog on the ocean in the winter as “salted rain”, which not just covers the island but hides the histories of mourning and suffering. “Son of Formosa” which is based on Tsai Kun-Lin’s autobiographical retrospective is like a strong breeze leading us to heal the pain and loss and unfold the navigation to justice transformation. To tribute to Tsai Kun-Lin and “Son of Formosa”, Taiwan emerging artist, Huang Ding-Yun filmed the video, “The Testimony in Salted Rain” which alloyed with performance, puppetry and graphic novels.