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Two views on female Portuguese literature Dulce Maria Cardoso and Margarida Vale de Gato


Forty-six years ago, a week after the Portuguese Carnation Revolution of the 25th of April, three Portuguese writers, Maria Velho da Costa, Maria Isabel Barreno and Maria Teresa Horta were acquitted in a trial that was one of the first major struggles for freedom, equality and women's rights in Portugal. That event triggered demonstrations of support around the world.

The three women jointly wrote the "Neue Portugiesische Briefe/Novas Cartas Portuguesas", published in Germany by Ullstein in 1976.

What does contemporary women's literature in Portugal during the 20th and 21st centuries represent?
Writers Dulce Maria Cardoso and Margarida Vale de Gato talk about the contribution of female writing to Portuguese literature, looking at their own work and that of other female authors.