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Women in Battle #3 Focus Canada/Norway

17 October 2020
Live now
BOOKFEST digital

The virtual performance Women in Battle # 3 in its last edition as Canada/ Norway Guest of Honour handover presents strong and diverse female voices in literature and music from both countries and introduces outstanding protagonists such as Josephine Bacon(KAN), Synnove Persen(NOR) , Jeannine Masika Lukusa(NOR), Cris Derksen(KAN) and Canisia Lubrin(KAN) among others . The event features works of different stylistic directions and unites them in one common project in six languages Sami, Norwegian, English and German. The moderator of the event and presenter of the German text selection will be Shelly Kupferberg. This is a project of the canadian and norwegian ambassade with NORDWIND in cooperation with ORLA Norwegian Literature Abroad.