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Zora del Buono talks to Bärbel Schäfer about the heroine of her new novel: her grandmother.


Zora del Buono inherited not only her first name, but also a family tragedy, because her grandmother, old Zora, was involved in a robbery homocide. This great family novel tells her story and its repercussions to this day.
The Slovenian Zora and her husband-to-be, the radiology professor Pietro Del Buono, live in Bari in southern Italy after the end of World War I. As convinced communists and admirers of Tito, they offer resistance to Mussolini’s fascism. Zora is a spirited, strong woman who is able to leave her mark on everyone around her in a time of war and violence. “Die Marschallin” is a colorful, life-packed novel about an unforgettable woman and a tragic family fate between love, fighting, hate and betrayal.