Events and activities for our Guest of Honour.

The spotlight will be on Georgia for twelve months.

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Personally, I hope that Georgia will reveal itself in Frankfurt in all its contradictions and all its extremes, in all its mistakes and all its splendour [....]. Because this is the only way to discover the country with its wealth of stories and people and only in this way can Georgia learn something new about itself - just like I, through the eyes of foreign friends.

Nino Haratischwili Author

The programme - all about Georgia: made by characters

An opportunity for publishers: translate Georgian books with state funding.

On the occasion of its appearance as Guest of Honour at Frankfurter Buchmesse, Georgia has set up an attractive support programme for translations.

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Our country will have an opportunity for a whole year, in all German speaking countries, to promote Georgian culture in general and to show off all the merits and distinctions that it has. This way of doing things facilitates Georgia’s integration into the European space and the growth of its cultural recognition.

Mikheil Giorgadze Minister of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia

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Handover ceremony

On 14th October 2018 Georgia will hand over the guest role to Norway, next year's guest of honour.

The annual poster competition of Frankfurter Buchmesse invites all German universities to design a welcome poster for the guest of honor.

Willkommensplakate für Finnland

Take a look at the winner posters 2018.

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