International Convention of University Presses

A networking initiative for academic publishers.


13 October 2018
9.00 am - 2.00 pm
Hall 4.2, Room Dimension

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The success speaks for itself: In the last four years, more than 300 participants from 22 countries came together at the International Convention of University Presses.

After four successful editions, the International Convention of University Presses has already consolidated as one of the highlights of the Frankfurter Buchmesse. 

In the previous years, the Convention has reunited more than 300 professionals in academic publishing worldwide from more than 22 countries. The International Convention of University Presses brings a new opportunity to exchange ideas and discover new trends in international academic publishing.

Born as an initiative of Latin American networks including university presses and the Frankfurt Book Fair, the International Convention is a worldwide opportunity to present and create interaction among national and regional networks of University Presses, and to provide a platform for discussions on common issues in academic publishing at international level.

The Convention will establish a meeting point for the exchange of ideas and reflection, where relevant topics of academic publishing are engaged, such as: common practices of the exchange of experience, commercialization, co-edition, license trade, information dissemination in the academic world, etc.

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The 6th Edition of the International Convention of University Presses is taking place on Saturday, 13th October. 
The convention will focus on the topic of digital developments and how they are transforming – or disrupting – the academic publishing industry. 
This year, Michael Bhaskar, Co-Founder & Publishing Director of CANELO will deliver the keynote address on digital disruptions. 
On such disruption is the advent of Open Access. Although this system is being used by many academic and university presses worldwide, there are still many doubts concerning its implementation and financial sustainability. 
Sven Fund, founder of fullstopp, lecturer at Humboldt University and an expert on the digital transformation of the publishing industry will address new ways of dealing with Open Access.

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The 6th International Convention of University Presses

The 6th International Convention of University Presses is on Saturday, 13th October 2018 from 9am to 2pm o'clock in the room Dimension, Hall 4.2.

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Saturday, 13th October 2018

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