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he gave illustrators room to develop, experiment and

innovate in a way that hardly anyone else had ever

done. So it is wonderfully fitting that HansJoachim

Gelberg was prepared to share his thoughts: on the

role of illustration in children’s books, on picture

books, on the collaboration between illustrator and

publisher, on the educational pedagogy, the joy of

pictures and the enrichment that books offer. We are

extremely grateful for his thoughtful essay! And

there are others who we wish to thank for their help

with the considerable work on the exhibition and

catalogue: Imke Buhre and Bärbel Becker from the

Frankfurt Book Fair, who through their superb co­

ordination efforts made the exhibition and catalogue

possible in the first place, as well as the Federal

Foreign Office for their generous support. We would

also like to thank the GoetheInstitut for their will­

ingness to offer workshops with the German illustra­

tors at the International Children’s Book Fair: thus

making the art of picture book illustration tangible

in Bologna. We would also like to thank all the

artists who have lent us their pictures, sketches and

models for the duration of the exhibition in Bologna.

Exhibition visitors can now indulge their curiosity

on a voyage of discovery, encountering artworks

large and small, sometimes accompanied by sketches

which – like the photographic portraits of the art­

ists – offer a vivid insight into the workshops where

the pictures come into being. We hope that Ger­

many’s appearance as guest nation in Bologna gives

rise to many interesting impulses and opportunities

for conversation, as well as new contacts and pro­

jects that transcend national boundaries.

The jury

Heike Clemens, Birgit Fricke, Stefan Hauck,

Vitali Konstantinov, Susanna Wengeler