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Birth and Upbringing

1971, Greifswald, East Germany

Studies and Explorations

1994–2002, Hamburg Academy of Fine

Arts, with OlavChristopher Jenssen

Tools and Materials

Before: diary. Sketches: pencil, scissors,

adhesive tape, tracing paper. Final

artworks: drawing card, drawing pen,

drawing ink, watercolours, gouache.

Afterwards: three wastepaper baskets.

Order or Chaos?

The one inevitably transforms into

the other, and back again. I believe it’s

known as “flow”.

Heroes, Heroines and Magic Moments

Looking up? Into the heavens up above.

Especially when there’s an owl flying.

Ego: Dreams and Reality

That’s how it is with me. Everything’s

pretty much alright.

Paper model theatre (detail)

Noncommissioned work

Paper cut; . ×  cm;