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Heroes, Heroines and Magic Moments

My grandfather. Calvin and Hobbes.

Or artists whose works keep on

inspring me, like Hieronymus Bosch,

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Albrecht

Dürer, James Ensor. Authors like

Gabriel García Márquez, Maurice

Sendak, Chudomir. Choreographers

like Pina Bausch. Magic moments?

When I have an idea – an image

in my head – and have figured out

how to make it real. And then the

moment when I can say: yes, that’s

exactly it!

Ego: Dreams and Reality

It’s not easy to reconcile both.

That suits me just now.



Birth and Upbringing

In Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Studies and Explorations

Are ongoing. On many different levels

and trajectories. Geographically speak­

ing: from East to West.

Tools and Materials

Various, according to the particular

project. From pens, chalk and paints,

to the computer, to a ball of dough.

Order or Chaos?

Organised chaos

p.  (detail), pp. –



Grimms Märchenreise

Pencil on handmade and

handprinted paper, digitally

edited and coloured;

each  × . cm; 