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Jose Manuel Anta

José Manuel Anta

Managing Director
International Publishing Distribution Association (IPDA)

José Manuel Anta, lives in Madrid (SPAIN)
He has a degree in Economics by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Master in Foreign Trade by CEOE and Postgraduate Course in Market Research at the Autonomous University of Madrid.
Since 1997, performs the work of Managing Director of the Federation of National Associations of Distributors (FANDE) www.fande.es organization in Spain that joints about 180 companies engaged in the distribution of publishing products.
Since 2015 he is also the Managing Director of the International Publishing Distribution Association (IPDA) www.ipdaweb.org the international umbrella organization for the associations and companies that develop its activity in the field of publishing distribution (books, magazines, newspapers... both on print and digital versions)
He participates as speaker at international conferences and seminars regarding the book and media sector: Encuentro Entre Editores (Buenos Aires, 2018), Foro Editoriale Salone del Libro (Torino 2018), Congreso Interamericano de Editores (Bogotá), Congreso Iberoamericano de Libreros (Buenos Aires), Editech (Milano), Foro Internacional de Edición (Guadalajara, México), Frankfurt Supply Chain Specialist Meeting, Scuola per Librai Umberto ed Elisabetta Mauri (Venezia), Forum Edita, Congreso Nacional de Libreros, Jornadas LIBER…
He is the coordinator of several international projects and initiatives in the Publishing and Media sectors: innovation week on Book and Readership (Readmagine – Madrid) in collaboration with the GSR Foundation, the International Press Distribution Round Table in collaboration with Distripress and the International Publishing Distribution Forum in collaboration with the Frankfurt Book Fair.