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Felix Lajeunesse

Félix Lajeunesse

A visionary creator with a keen eye for detail and sustained emotional focus, Félix Lajeunessecrafts immersive and interactive experiences that are rooted in connection: viewers feel deeplymoved by the places and people they see and hear, and find themselves completely involved inthe moment. ​Throughout his career, Félix has fused that sense of immediacy with a spirit ofexploration to bring the creative possibilities of 3​D 360º cinematic VR,​ and now AR and MR, tolife. Félix’s longtime collaboration with Felix & Paul Studios co-founder Paul Raphaël grew out ofa shared vision for immersion and visceral worldbuilding which resulted in the first 3D cameratechnology. Since ​launching Felix & Paul Studios in 2013 with ​Strangers ​with Patrick Watson,Félix has directed and co-directed several of the studio’s 21 VR experiences. These includeEmmy Award–winning interactive feature ​The People’s House​ with then-president BarackObama, original VR fiction/feature experience ​Miyubi ​starring Jeff Goldblum, and documentaryseries ​Space Explorers​ in collaboration with NASA. Now, Félix​’s role has expanded to sharinghis knowledge and expertise with a bold ​new generation of experience creators. Recent projectsinclude co-directing Oscar winner Roger Ross Williams’ ​Traveling While Black​, co-producing theNFB/Clyde Henry Productions collaboration ​Gymnasia​, and working with ​TIME ​on the latestfilming of ​Space Explorers​ aboard the International Space Station. Whether leading his studio,directing or producing, Félix Lajeunesse spearheads the creation of compelling immersive andinteractive experiences while charting a new world of artistic entertainment.