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THE ARTS+: Meet The Makers: Brands, Characters, and New Stories

15. Oktober 2020
Live now
#fbm20 media library

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A look at fun and engaging characters from across the world being adapted across multiple plattforms. From pigs saving the environment to a bestselling and wildly successful “butt detective”, these showcases are not to be missed for anyone looking to build out their own characters and producers and platforms looking for new content.

Showcase 1: Oshiri-Tantei – The Japanese “Butt Detective”

Oshiri-Tantei, known as the “Butt Detective”, is a polite and likeable crime fighter who solves mysteries. It is a bestselling kids book series and has been adapted for Netflix.

Speaker: Keita Hasegawa, Editor/Brand marketing division, POPLAR publishing, Japan.


Showcase 2: "Captain Hog & Friends"

Captain Hog, developed by transmedia studio Unger & Fiedler, is a unique character and story with a cause. Captain Hog and his friends use their ingenuity to safe the world from environmental collapse. The IP is ready to be adapted as a series, audiobook, children’s book, game, and much more.

Speaker: Thorsten Unger, CEO of Unger & Fiedler, Germany


Showcase 3: Suki: India’s Most Original Comic Strip

Suki is a realistic female protagonist character, who broke the mold and stereotypes of Disney princesses. And she did this in the '70-'80s, which is remarkable considering the awareness on feminism and women rights were still not being spoken off in the mainstream. Meet Manjul Padmanabhan, a woman creating a woman character.

Speaker: Manjula Padmanabhan, Award-winning playwright and novelist