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THE ARTS+: Sharing Is Caring? Digital Dilemmas for the Cultural Sector (Presented in cooperation with MUNCH)

15. Oktober 2020
Live now
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The internet’s promise of a democratisation of knowledge is a two-edged sword for the art and museum sector. On the one hand, digital culture’s ideals of open source and open access resonate with the missions of many art institutions. The web is nothing but a tool to extend their reach beyond the core of physical visitors. On the other hand, it is clear that other cultural branches have been able to capitalize on digital’s sheer boundless potential for distribution and sharing. And the art and museum sector is lacking behind. Should these institutions strive for profitable business models in the digital world? Or should they instead foster a culture of universal accessibility and creativity? Which role does intellectual property (still) play when it comes to the art sector’s digital ambitions? And how do artists manoeuvre within this field, caught between the partnership with their exhibitors and their own practices?

Join in on this live conversation between Leah Dickerman (Director of Editorial and Content Strategy, MoMA), Hrag Vartanian (Editor-in-chief, Co-founder, Hyperallergic) and Maryam Jafri (Visual Artist). The session will be moderated by Nikita Mathias (Senior Concept Developer, MUNCH)