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Collaboration of stakeholders boosting Open Science


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International and national collaboration of various stakeholders boosting Open Science

Open Science is implemented in many countries in Europe a recent example of this s the launch of the CoNOSC: Council for National Open Science Coordination. Research is global and the development of policies, infrastructures, sharing of best practices etc. must happen in international collaboration. Various platforms and organisations such as Open Science Policy Platform, Liber, LERU, OA2020 initiative and licensing consortia to mention a few- support the transition towards Open Science. Libraries have an important role in implementing open science practices. Finland aims to be a leading country in Open Science. The development of the basic building blocks started already in 2010 in a national initiative. In 2018 the responsibility of national coordination of Open Science was given to the Federation of Learned Societies in accordance with the recommendations of the Open Science Policy Platform. The presentation will discuss European and national level policies and the role of libraries in implementing open science practices.