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It's 2020, do you know what rights you own? Best Practices for Fully Exploiting Intellectual Property Across Multiple Platforms

12. Oktober 2020
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Publishers who want to fully exploit their intellectual property across multiple platforms must understand what rights they own, what rights they can sell, and what royalties they must pay -- or risk violating the rights of others. Yet when it comes to tracking their IP rights, publishers lag significantly behind film, TV, music and gaming companies. As COVID-19 accelerates adoption of streaming media and the convergence of entertainment, media, technology and telecommunications, publishers risk missing out on category-defying deals that could lead to significant revenues (e.g. podcast rights that may be licensed for film development). They’re also losing out on new revenue streams from licenses for individual photographs, poems and stories. This panel will bring together a range of perspectives from publishing, film/TV and music to discuss new models and best practices for fully exploiting IP rights across multiple platforms and industries, including:

  • Emerging trends in global rights deals
  • Cases where rights may be held by more than one rights holder
  • Managing rights to characters before and after film/tv adaptations
  • How publishers can avoid inadvertently giving away IP or exploiting rights controlled by others