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Open Science – a blueprint for universities in the 21st century?


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Open Science – a blueprint for the university in the 21st century?

This paper will look at the 8 pillars of Open Science, as defined by the European Commission and described in the LERU (League of European Research Libraries) Open Science Roadmap, and which be analysed in the forthcoming LERU paper on Best Practice in adopting Open Science principles and policies. What are the strengths and challenges in each of the 8 pillars of Open Science and what is the range of responses that universities could make? In this landscape, the paper will then look at four of the 8 pillars, Open Access Publishing, Research Data Management and Open data E-Infrastructures (European Open Science Cloud), Promotions/Rewards and the responsible use of Bibliometrics, and Citizen Science. It will take UCL (University College London) as an exemplar of good practice and demonstrate with real life examples how this university has implemented new platforms and services, established new policies and practice, showing the benefits and the challenges of these approaches.