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The transformative power of Open Science


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The transformative power of Open Science for the scholarly publishing industry

‘Openness’ in science is not a goal for its own sake. Rather, openness is an instrument that, when used responsibly, can fuel a faster, more effective, more reliable, more trustworthy, more equitable and more innovative research communication system. This does not mean that openness is a panacea - there are limits to openness. But, as the COVID pandemic has shown, there is tangible evidence that open science can speed up our understanding of and response to public health emergencies. The benefits of Open Science applies not only to all disciplines but also to the scholarly publishing business itself.  This will entail a fundamental shift in how publishers view their role: from that one based on the ownership and control of research outputs, to one that focuses on the creation of tools, products and services that maximise effective and reliable research communication in a globally networked digital age.