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The panellists will discuss usability of machine translations in publishing and tackle the questions of what new skills and competencies on the side of the editors and translators when working with such machines.

In recent years, machine translation has improved so much that it allows for fairly unproblematic basic translations. But what does all this mean for book publishers? Can we expect that also in fiction, human translators can be substituted by machines? And what about more complex texts, such as poetry and philosophy? If such replacement is not possible, why is this so? How useful will such translation machines be? And what does all this mean for publishers’ costs? What to do with languages with smaller databases that don’t allow AI to train properly?



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Ehrengast 2023: Slowenien
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Chris Mavergames

Participant, Wiley

Thad McIlroy


dr. Darja Marinšek

Participant, Mladinska knjiga Publishing House

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dr. Rüdiger Wischenbart

Participant, Content and Consulting