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Art in Bolsonaro's time: decolonizing Brazilian literature

2 peripheral Brazilians writers reflecting literature under an extreme right regime

57,000 people got murdered, 66,041 raped, and the police force kills more than 6,000 citizens in one year. Cuts in education and culture funds and increased deforestation. This is Brazil under the Bolsonaro's far-right regime. How is possible to produced art in this distopia? Alexandre Ribeiro, 21, and Fred Di Giacomo, 35, are young writers trying to create new paths. Alexandre, author of “Reservado”, (independently, sold 2000 copies) was raised in a favela and writes histories from there. Inequality, poetry and mixing of races pulse on his literature. Fred, writer of “Desamparo”, comes from the ultra-conservative interior of Brazil, that voted for Bolsonaro in droves. His book is a denunciation of the slaughter of the natives in his region and the violent colonization of the countryside.

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